The Christ-MASS approaches! Ye must buy buy buy!

Hello everyone,

While we’ve given you all the information you’ll need about the true history of the upcoming Christmas season, and proved the reasons why the traditions of the day aren’t likely what you should be following, we’re also not shy about helping you share this research with your friends and family!  And we’d like to hear your opinions on our conclusions too – so this is a timely part of the year to comment on these issues if you’d like.

If you’re absolutely convinced you should be buying Christmas gifts for your friends and family, we think, perhaps, you should take a gander at the research we’ve assembled over the years on this time of the year.  We think it would make a wonderful eye-opening gift to those you hold dear!!!

We are a listener supported broadcast, and we do rely on your donations for our research material and radio programs to continue our quest for the truth.

For the Christmas holiday season we recommend our “Carols and Customs Series” a 4 hour presentation on the history of the Christmas traditions, music and more!  Please take the time to listen to it here, and then please donate to receive your own copy!  4 hours on one CD in MP3 format for only $10!!!

Also, at our Conference in Eagar, AZ in 2008 we filmed an incredible presentation from John Daniel, author of “Scarlet and the Beast” which included his entire “Wise Men” presentation.  This is a 4 DVD set, and you may check out all the details on this set HERE!

Finally, we hope you recognize the incredible irony here.  We do too.  We always encourage people to do their own research, and search out the truth for themselves.  And we’re constantly reminding people that there are many people taking advantage of their beliefs everyday.  We’d love to receive a donation from you for this research, but completely understand if you must wait till another time of year to order these items – just on principle!!!

Laugh with us, and if you’d like, please support us.  Now is as good a time as any right?

Warm Regards,

Hour of the Time

Rob Houghton and Doyel Shamley


  1. That 4 DVD set looks good. Only $45. I would like to get both of Daniel’s series if I had the money.

  2. (SaNTa) Satan (Standard Hebrew Satan’el, English – accuser)
    Foolish american sheeple!
    I hate you!

  3. There is so much blah blah regarding Christmas both for and against. Some say the Jesus story is a myth, some say he was an alien, etc. It is provable historically that there was a St. Nicholas. But most of it still remains a matter of BELIEF. I choose to celebrate the life and ressurection of Jesus Christ. Since I don’t know for sure when he was actually born, Dec. 25 will do. I also like giving gifts and this is a good excuse to express my love in this way. I’ve heard the HOTT broadcasts regarding the holiday. So there are as many reasons not to celebrate as there are to celebrate (even Doyel sent us a wonderful Christmas gift not too long ago). I choose to take what IS GOOD TO ME about the season and chuck the rest. And I don’t really give a crap what anyone thinks about it. If you think I’m a sheep for it, SCREW YOU. You do what you want for your reasons. I have 4 young children and Christmas around here is big FUN. I look forward to it. I would not miss the joy on their smiling faces on Christmas morning for ANYTHING. IT IS SPIRITUAL in the purest sense. So MERRY CHRISTMAS to you. And for those of you who think you are above such things, you make me laugh. Go take some drugs and tell me how smart you are. What a joke. HA HA HA…..or rather, HO HO HO.

  4. “In 1954 this was the issue of primary concern. Although the so called
    “moral issues” were raised, in view of the law of natural selection it
    was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence
    are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such
    people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent.”

    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

  5. Now I know what to get everybody for Christmas… The TRUTH! Facts! Imagine that!

    Thanks! It will be inexpensive and a wonderful gift, plus it supports my favorite radio show at the same time!

    I started in on Mystery Babylon III this weekend. What a treat. I highly recommend that one, too!

  6. I understand your desire to provide for your children; And, in that it seems to be justifiable to exchange in celebration gifts on the day of Christmas. I am not arguing with you on this, but often the impersonal act of text loses the tone of the message. As such, keep in mind when reading this that I do not disrespect you nor your decision to put smiles on your children’s faces.
    It would seem that years and generational manipulation has made it bad, evil, or neglectful to not obeyed by their celebrations. If this holds true what, how, and when should this be addressed. If it is a multi-generational installment through propaganda, lies, and social-peer pressure could it take a multi-generational approach to counter it? If so, maybe it would be good to just radomly celebrate. For example, surprise the children sometime in September. Picture coming home from school, early in the school-year, and your parents have set up enough items to know that it was some sort of Christmas celebration.
    Of course their curiosity would both ask questions to be certain of its meaning and why. This will afford the opportunity to explain and go through the Bible to offer supporting information. Supported by Biblical Facts the children may take the message with them to their friends and when the actual Christmas (the misleading one) comes around they would not necessarily feel bad nor left-out, rather knowledgeable to the actual meanings, and where to-go to illustrate the discrepancy(s).
    Generations of researchers and celebrating through-out the year at potential dates will not discredit, but add to the conspiracy against him. This should add to the beliefs and regain the true message of celebrating his birth. Just a thought and your response rather for or against are appreciated, as this is a discussion not demands, commands, nor orders.

  7. TJ,

    You must do your OWN research if you really desire to break free from the bounds of ignorance. Go to the library(the real one) or to archive.org, you’ll find some scanned books from different libraries here.

    But, please, please, please!
    Keep in mind:

    1. Read ONLY original works.
    2. History is mixed with deception by the ****(four-letter word).
    3. Pay specific attention to facts which THEY reject in their books, newspapers(99 percent of all mass media owned by the ****) or on the other side massively propagandize.

    The tip here is ADL http://www.adl.org/about.asp
    Look at that page and carefully read what the mission is and whom the organization protects.

    And now go to google.com
    Write: “William Cooper site:adl.org”
    You’ll see how many pages on their web site contain accusation of Cooper as “conspiracy theorist” and other BS on his good name.

    Bill actually KNEW who THEY really are.
    Despite of the message he used to repeat on the radio: “it’s not the ****”.
    That’s why the ADL chased him.

  8. I need to do my own research? 1st off Dracula Socialist slime ball, you don’t know me and you don’t know what research I have done or am currently doing.

    Why don’t you piss off.

  9. I haven’t ordered the HOTT series on Christmas as of yet, but I’ve listened to the Mystery Religion series and can ‘see’ the infulence on the Holiday with the ‘tree’ and the ‘lights’ and of course the ‘date’ itself, but I believe there is the element of the ‘Birth’ that still rings throught all of the B.S., I mean if you actually asked anybody what Christmas is all about, in all sincerity, they would say it is the day that baby Jesus was born.

  10. Jesus is far from being a baby, he is about 2000 years old. That was the day that Jesus, the oldest man in the world, was born. =o)

  11. TJ,

    You can’t do anything against straight facts.
    You didn’t do any ‘research’ stupid kid.

    If you would, you would know the difference between National Socialism and Communism/Marxism.
    You didn’t read Mein Kampf.
    You didn’t read Talmud.

    Look at yourself how the **** brainwashed your head with a tolerance to the Chinese Communism, so that you sold your country to the totalitarian communist China. Your mama will buy you a toy made by communist comrades and you’re happy no matter what even if it stinks.
    By the way no one actually can fix the current situation because parasites occupied nearly everything, poisoned every history book with a deception or spread rumours to overwhelm the real facts, suppressed any individuality in every non***. Your current president is actually a communist and now by the way makes communist reforms.

    And, finally, Cooper was a great man but he made so many errors(maybe it’s due to political tolerance or due to the deception that’s everywhere in the USA).

  12. I would love to listen to this broadcast, but the listen link seems to link to a spot where it does not exist. Help? Please!

  13. The Puritans had Christmas outlawed. The founding fathers never celebrated Christmas. Protestants did not start to partake in is this Catholic (pagan) holiday untill around the Civil War-era. I find it ironic so many so called “protestants” go around celebrating a Catholic MASS.

  14. Thank you for having the courage to speak out on these subject, to help the people see that not only Jehovah’s Witnesses (Who believe in the blood of Jesus Christ and is the Savior of all mankind, Research Research!!!) that do not do Christmas, it is so pagan, just Google it and you’ll find out. But once you know the truth, you have got to stop doing what is against the living God so he can bless you. (Want to know the secret? Be Content with what you have). Please tell everyone, so they to can be happy.