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Current Catalog of research items

Below you will find the descriptions for the HOTT Special Audio Series'.


Personal Liberties MP3 set:

In this budled collection you will get the most cutting-edge research and helpful information regarding the ways in which to apply, secure, restore and share your personal liberties and freedoms!

Here is a list of the series included in this package:

State Sovereignty Series, If An Agent Comes Knocking Series, History of Property Rights Series, Allodial Title and land Patent Series, The Second Amendment Is An Individual Right Series, Right To Keep and Bear Arms Series, Federal Jurisdiction Series, Minuteman Series, Tactics Series, Survival Series, PSYOPS Series, Psycho-politics Series, Cacheing Series
Ultimate MP3 Collection:

Hour Of The Time is pleased to announce a special bundled package of HOTT audio series’ in MP3 format in a library collection for the serious researcher and student.

We have combined all of the special and topical audio series’ that HOTT has compiled over the years and put them in one massive MP3 library for your convenience and research.  This allows HOTT to pass on an incredible savings to you because of the huge reduction in the cost of discs, cases, packaging supplies and postage costs of shipping multiple individual sets.  This also allows you, the serious researcher or student, to listen to a years worth of audio programming (over 260 hours) at home, in your own time-frame, focusing on the areas that are the most important to you at any given point.

This set contains the following Special Audio Series:
Limits of Federal Jurisdiction, History Of Property Rights, Minuteman, Tactics, Psychological Operations, Survival, The Second Amendment Is An Individual Right, The Right To Keep and Bear Arms, Allodial Title Series, Mystery Babylon 1, Mystery Babylon 2, Mystery Babylon 3, Rare and Secret Esoteric Teachings, 9-1-1, Scarlet and The Beast, Alex Loglia Germ Theory, Behold A Pale Horse Audio Book, New Age Religion Expose’, The Planned Education of Your Child, Psycho-Politics, Carols and Customs, ADL, NASA, Mind Control, Treason, Weather Control, Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid, State Sovereignty, Statehood, If An Agent Comes Knocking.
State Sovereignty Series

In this 9 hour long, must have series we will be covering the issues, history and court cases surrounding the Proof that Counties and States are:
1) Supreme seats of power for we the people,
2) seperate, Distinct and Foreign to the United States,
3) and why we must restore their full authority for the sake of freedom and our Republic.
Statehood Series

This series consists of 4 – one hour broadcasts outlining the principles of statehood.  Numerous legal citations, date and name references, etc. are all included within this audio series.



























































If An Agent Comes Knocking






























































In this 7 hour broadcast series we discuss the ways in which representatives or agents of government and private organizations try and infiltrate, disrupt, undermine and entrap people in their activities.  This is MUST HAVE information in today's world are you will unfortunately have to put this information and skill-sets to use in the very near future.
Is Masonry A Religion?

Explore this ages old question through the use of secret society quotes and biblical citations.



























































History Of Property Rights






























































This audio series consists of 5 hours of research on CD that is a beginning compilation of years of delving into the very history of Property Rights in America.  This is a must have series for those who wish to know how to defend their rights against the NWO.


Federal Jurisdiction


"This is quite possibly one of the most important audio and research document sets ever compiled!"
This Federal Jurisdiction MP3 set is a compilation of the audio broadcasts covering in detail the Limits of Federal Jurisdiction, the key agencies and personel to contact for research and proof, court cases, briefs, etc.

This special set includes numerous audio broadcasts in MP3 format with newly updated material as of 04 Jul 11, numerous Word files of documents, court cases, court summeries, Senate and Congressional hearings and investigations and much more. Besides all of the broadcasts of research, there are over 2500 pages of official and suppressed documents.

Most of this crucial to freedom information is not available anywhere else! Help Hour Of The Time restore our Constitutional Republic and our freedoms.



























































Allodial Title and Land Patents


In this one of a kind, hard-hitting audio series you will learn about the history of Allodial Titles and Land Patents.  Learn through 400 years of history why our founding fathers insisted on this type of property ownership.  Hear about the laws, 100's of court cases, force and effect of the Land Patent in our American Republic and how we can take back this most-powerful tool of freedom!
The Second Amendment Is An Individual Right 


Taken from a then secret U.S. Department of Justice Internal Research Memorandum, this series has been called by many attorneys as a second amendment law library in one course.  From the time of English Common Law to 2005 Supreme Court cases, this series uses actual case law to prove that the Second Amendment is an Individual Right!


























































The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy


This broadcast series details the massive amount of influence the Israel lobby has over U.S. Foreign policy and affairs.  Showing that this undue influence is shaping U.S. policy in such a way that is not beneficial to U.S. interests or the interests of freedom.





























































Zionist Violations


This MP3 bundle consists of three full hours of broadcasting on the topic of the numerous violations committed by Israel against it's neighbors including invasions, disarming of civilians, flagrant murder and disruption of infrastructure.  As a bonus, you get a package of 80 .pdf files from the United Nations Security Council for your research library, used extensively in the broadcast.  Also included is "In Our Hands".
Mystery Babylon I

This is  a special offer of all 43 hours of broadcasting in MP3 format and 1 DVD of symbolism of the Luxor.  This has been highly and illegally copied and distributed but ours is the only complete and original set available.
Mystery Babylon II

This is the entire Mystery Babylon II set of recordings that we have gotten together and put in digital format the way Bill had wanted to do before he was murdered.

Includes the following:

Ancient Freemasonry, Archeology of Freemasonry, The Lion King, The Hermetic Marriage, Initiates of the Flame, The Astral Flame, The New Covenant, Easter=Ishtar, Esoteric Keys to the Bible, The Secret Kingdom, The Templars, Fire vs. Water, The Queen of Sheba, Molten Sea – Melchisedec, Spiritual Alchemy, The Philosophers Stone, Jesus – The Paradox of Christianity, Bohemian Grove, Fraternity Rose and Cross, Dark side of Freemasonry.
Mystery Babylon III

This is the entire Mystery Babylon III set of recordings that we have gotten together and put in digital format the way Bill had wanted to do before he was murdered.

Includes the following:

#441 – The God Of Freemasonry (note-this is bad audio because the studio master was destroyed years ago.  I was able to get an off-air copy from an archivist, so you will have to bear with the atmospheric oscillations), #638 – Esoteric Keys To The Bible, #662, 663, 665 – The Illuminati (3 hours), #727 – Molten Sea – Melchisedec, #730 – The Myster Of Melchisedec continued, #1189, 1193, 1205, 1207, 1210, 1212 – The Lost Light series (6 hours long), #1289 – Christian Identity – British Israelism #1, #1290 – Christian Identity – British Israelism #2, #1380 – Book report- Bloodline #1, #1381 – Book report – Bloodline #2, #1481 – Luciferian Philosophy (3 hours long), #1527 – Meaning Of The Rose (2 hours long), #1924 – Mystery Of Fulcanelli, #1925 – Secret Societies and Alchemical Theme.
The Lost Light

Delve even deeper into the Mysteries and take your research to the next level.























































Symbolic Prophecy of the Great Pyramid



In this 5 part audio series from Hour Of The Time, learn about the prophecies, symbolism and meanings of ceremonies held within The Great Pyramid, all taken from the Mystery Schools and Secret Societies own writings.

In this special audio broadcast series you learn the methods and techniques of cacheing, all taken from U.S. Government manuals.

In this 6-hour long series we cover such topics as:
Long-term ammunition storage, Containers, Site Surveys, Site Security, Wrapping techniques, Reports and pin-pointing, Testing, Submersion, as well as many more areas of research.  This is must know information to prepare you for catastrophes both man-made and natural and a necessity for protection of your freedoms!




















































MM Special Collection + Survival Series Bundle Pack


Be sure to take advantage of this special offer on a bundled pack of some of the most important broadcasts for you and your Republic's well being.  HOTT has bundled together the entire Minuteman Series, Psychological Warfare Series, Tactics Series and the Survival Skills Series into a two-disc collection of 36 hours of broadcasts in MP3 format.  This collection of must know material may soon be banned by the socialists in power because the information is so powerful to your independence!  This collection in MP3 format is bundled together so that YOU can more easily benefit from this crucial information, Remember what Doyel has said many times, "Why just survive when you can thrive!".


















































Minuteman Series































































In this special collection, totaling 14 hours of broadcasts, you will learn the proper way to form and conduct legal and lawful Constitutional Militias!










This is the bundled package of all 6 hours of the Tactics Series, on one disc in MP3 format.  This is critical information on the main principles of Tactical Operations – Move, Shoot, Communicate.









Psychological Operations






















































This is the bundled package of 3 hours or broadcasting on the principles of Psychological Operations.  This information is taken straight from the U.S. Government Printing Office and U.S. Military manuals, along with real field experience.  Learn how the U.S. Government uses Psychological Operations against and unsuspecting populace.  Must have research!



Survival Series


This series of broadcasts covers such topics as medical kits, survival kits, cacheing, food storage, water purification, shelters, home made generators, home made water filters, etc.  This is a massive collection of need to know information on one disc in MP3 format.

















































The Illuminati


Here is a 3 hour collection of research by Myron Fagan on one disc in MP3 format.  This is a great study aid and research tool.



This hard-hitting series is a complete audio expose' done by Bill Cooper, proving Treason at all levels in our country.  Hear the names, dates, actions, agendas, and activities of those involved throughout history.

Mind Control

Here is a bundled package of the broadcasts Bill Cooper did on Mind Control.  Explore the methodology, agendas, groups, agents and others behind the world-wide Mind Control programs.  A must have for the serious researcher!



Here is a bundled package of the broadcast series Bill did exposing the false science of NASA, along with many other startling facts of their agenda, financing, etc.  Contains 7 broadcasts.



This disc of MP3 files contains all 5 broadcasts Bill did on the ADL, exposing them for the fraud they are.  Find out about their history, leadership, agandas and goals, only here from Hour Of The Time.


New Age Religions Expose
Includes the following episodes :
July 13 , 2005 – Word of Faith Movement Part 1 – Introduction – "Faith as a force"
July 14, 2005- Word of Faith Movement Part 2 – Little gods – Jesus died spiritually
July 15 , 2005 – Word of Faith Movement Part 3 – Wealth and prosperity gospel
July 18, 2005 – Word of Faith Movement Part 4 – End Wealth, Begin Health gospel
July 19, 2005 – Word of Faith Movement Part 5 – End health gospel – Jesus only a man – Adam and "high treason" – little gods
July 20, 2005 – Word of Faith Movement Part 6 – End Jesus only a man – End little gods – jesus died spiritually
July 21, 2005 Word of Faith Movement Part 7 – End Jesus died spiritually – begin spiritual laws of faith and "positive confession"
July 22, 2005 – Word of Faith Movement Part 8 – End spiritual laws of faith and "positive confession"
July 25, 2005 The Four Horseman Explained Part 1 – The Vatican as the four horseman, their ties to the Esoteric and the Mystery Schools. The symbolism of the White Horse and the Red Horse.
July 26, 2005 The Four Horseman Explained Part 2 – The Symbolism of the Black Horse and the Jesuits and their ties to world politics.
July 27, 2005 – The Four Horseman Explained Part 3 – The Symbolism of the Black Horse Continued and the Pale Horse with ties to the Ecumenical and Charismatic movement's.
July 28, 2005 – Open Phones with Doyel and Rob T. discussing New Age religions, the Esoteric and the Mystery Schools.
01 Aug 05 – Dominion Theology Part 1 – Covering the Dominion Theology Movement and overview of sub ideologies.
02 Aug 05 – Dominion Theology Part 2 – More exposure of the movements and ideologies and expansion on the Latter Rain
Movement, Manifest Sons of God, Identity, Shepherding Discipleship and Reconstruction.
04 Aug 05 – Dominion Theology Part 3 – Reconstrctionism/Theonomy, Covenantalism, Joel's Army
05 Aug 05 – Toronto Blessing/ Pensacola Revival / Holy Laughter. More Exposure on the Charismatic movements and New Age Religions Joel's Army, Knights of Malta.
08 Aug 05 – "Holy Laughter" cont. and the United Religions Innitiative (URI) of the U.N.
09 Aug 05 – March for Jesus Movement – agree or be cleansed
10 Aug 05 – March for Jesus Movement – Part 2 – Jay Gary (B.E.G.I.N.) and author Robert Muller: New Genisis-shaping a Global Spirituality and Birth of a Global Civilization


Weather Control

This is the bundled package of 3 hours of broadcasting by Bill Cooper on the very real concepts of Government Weather Control Programs.  Learn about the treaties, labs, individuals and technologies involved in this rare collection of research material.



Includes Broadcast #'s 1004, 1005, 1006, 1007


Alex Loglia Germ Theory

Includes broadcasts 233, 234, 237, 238


The Planned Education of Your Child

Includes broadcast #'s  1320, 1321, 1322


911 Cooper Audio

Includes the 10 hours of audio recorded live during the events of Sepember 11th. Includes call-ins, news updates and analysis of events by William Cooper.


Scarlet and The Beast

A definitive work on the identity of Scarlet and the Beast.
Includes Broadcast #'s  457, 458, 459, 460 and 461


Behold A Pale Horse Audio Book

This is the original Behold A Pale Horse audio book as recorded by William "Bill" Cooper. It was recorded in 1997 in a professional sound studio. It consists of 4 selections in MP3 format on one CD totaling three hours of audio with never before published bonus commentary.

Rare and Secret Esoteric Teachings

Here you can get rare recordings from Manley P. Hall, the biographer of the Esoteric, Mystery Schools and Secret Societies!  This MP3 set is the entire and un-edited recording collection.  Don't miss you chance to obtain these must have research items! 

These recordings inlude:
The Solar Christmas Pt. 1, The Solar Christmas Pt. 2, Great Solar Symbols of the Messiah – Pt. 1, Great Solar Symbols of the Messiah – Pt. 2, Initiation of the Pyramid – Pt. 1, Initiation of the Pyramid – Pt. 2, Initiation of the Pyramid – Pt. 3, Human Soul and Astrological Cycles – Pt. 1, Human Soul and Astrological Cycles – Pt. 2, Zodiac and the Great Platonic Year – Pt. 1, Zodiac and the Great Platonic Year – Pt. 2, Planets and the Ancient Gods – Pt. 1, Planets and the Ancient Gods – Pt. 2, Astrology and the Universal Cosmology – Pt. 1, Astrology and the Universal Cosmology – Pt. 2


Carols and Customs

A Great series about the symbology of Christmas!
Done by special guest Michelle : Carols and Christmas holiday customs – their symbology and origins.
Includes broadcast #'s 1016, 1017, 1018, 1019


Below you will find the descriptions for the HOTT DVD's.


Porterville Presentation

This full 2-day, 6-DVD seminar that Bill Cooper presented in 1997 at Porterville, CA, is the one that Bill himself considered his favorite presentation ever!  Each DVD is about 2 hours in length for a total of nearly 12 hours and covers the entire gamut of Bill's research including:

A short history of himself.
Discussions on how people are influenced.
The Ozone and Global Warming hoax.
How to understand history and put events in perspective.
Does evil really exist?
The official hidden history of mankind as taught by The Mysteries.
Symbology of Dealy Plaza.
A simply yet complete definition of what the militia really is and why it is important.
Zapruder footage and discussion on the Kennedy assassination.
Brief details of trusts.
Who are the Illuminati really?  What is their history?
The story of Isis and Osiris.
Symbology of the Rose.
Symbology on the US dollar bill.
Symbology of triangles and pyramids, Skull and Bones.
Detailed slide show of the Moon and Mars.
…And much more!


William Cooper 16-DVD Collection

This is a bundled collection of all the current DVD releases of William "Bill" Cooper from Hour Of The Time.

This bundled package consists of the following DVDs:

The CNN Interview

The Branch Davidians: Last Will and Testament

The Secret Government

Dimensions in Parapsychology

Lansing Michigan

Project Redlight II

Little A'le' Inn

Assassin Unmasked

The Sacrificed King

Behold a Pale Horse

Sedona Series (4 disc set)

Hour Of Our Time


That is 16 DVDs total with professional artwork, chaptering, indexing, etc. and at a great savings over the individual cost!


Emergency First-Aid

A professionally produced 2-hour dvd featuring 22 different emergency first-aid treatments. These are the same courses as taught to the U.S. Military for saving lives in combat environments. A must have, with chapters and indexes for each individual course.

To lower costs on this DVD we are now just providing a fully printed DVD in a clear CD case.  Dispensing of the full color DVD cover and DVD case save's on overhead and besides, we expect you to watch, learn and use the DVD material, not stare at the pretty cover.

Michael Cremo – Extreme Human Antiquity

This 3 DVD set features Michael's full presentation from the Hour of the Time Skills and Research Conference 2009 in Eagar Az.  Join Michael as he exposes mainstream archaeology's "knowledge filtration system" whereby many ancient artifacts are kept from the public's eye.  Watch and learn the amazing hidden history of the human race.  Disc 3 features an exclusive interview with Michael Cremo discussing his beliefs, research, and history.






















The Wise Men, Masonic Infiltration into the 7 Churches of Revelation and the Beast Empire


This 4 DVD set was filmed live at the Hour of the Time Conference 2008.

John Daniel is the well known author of the epic "Scarlet and the Beast" series of books, of which Bill Cooper was a huge fan.  Many of you will remember the Scarlet and the Beast 4 hour presentation Bill did on the air during the early 90's.

This spectacular, thought provoking DVD set includes John's entire "Wise Men" presentation, the entire "Empire of the Beast" presentation summarizing the Scarlet and the Beast Book set, and includes the world premiere presentation of his wonderful "Masonic Infiltration into the Seven Churches of Revelation" lecture.

Disc One : Behold – There came Wise Men!

Join with us and discover the real history behind the Wise Men who came to greet and pay homage to Jesus.

Learn the true number of the Wise Men.  Were there only three?

Listen and watch this presentation which shows the ancestry and true history of these wise men who visited the Holy Land in the ancient past. Were they all Christians?  Did other world religions include prophesy which include the man we now know as Jesus?  Was he the Messiah according to these religions?  Does this prophesy of the Wise Men include the 70 weeks of Daniel?  Learn about the first Buddah's predictions, and the Zoroastrian traditions which include the prophesy of Jesus.

This presentation shows John Daniel's complete lecture on the Wise Men.  This presentation is a full 45 minutes in length.

Disc Two and Three : Masonic Infiltration into the Seven Churches of Revelation Part 1 + 2

Watch and learn as John takes us through the seven ages of the Christian Church and shows how Masonic influences have perverted and diluted the true Christian message.  Are the Catholics to blame?  Perhaps the Protestants are to blame?  Learn the true meaning of each Church age and how each one has been hijacked by Masonic interests.  Are you brave enough to acknowledge the truth?

Learn all of the true definitions and meanings behind each church period.  Starting with Ephesus, and continuing on through Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia right through to the modern day socialist Laodicea – the period we're living in now.

Disc 2 is 50 minutes in length, and Disc 3 is 96 minutes in length.

Disc Four : The final disc of this set details our current age and delves into the New World Order's dream of a One World State.  This disc is based upon John's outstanding work "Scarlet and the Beast" and contains updated information not available in the book.  This disc is entitled "Emprire of the Beast".  We are living in this world now!!!! Learn about the Trinity of the Beast!  The Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet.

Will the beast be a homosexual Jew?  Could this be true?  Find out by watching this DVD!  The identity of the beast is clearly shown in this presentation.  Is America central to this fulfillment of Biblical prophecy?  Is Obama a part of this plan?

Disc 4 is 45 minutes in length.

These DVDs are well over 4 hours in length and contain all of  the powerpoint presentations John showed HOTT Conference attendees.  Both audio and video were professionally recorded by James Jankiewicz, and this set is a wonderful introduction into John Daniel's work.




















The Fourth World – When Humanity Murders God DVD


Explore mans mysterious past and ponder some of these age old questions through archaeological discoveries and myths from ancient cultures.  Are we in a third age of man and will there be a fourth?  What is the significance of the four corners – did life spring from here?  Will man have a Fourth age or cycle of history?  Did Jesus walk the Americas?

For a sneak preview of the movie, go to the official site here:  http://www.littlebeardig.com


The CNN Interview

This CNN interview with Bill was shot in a private hotel suite in Atlanta near the beginning of the 90s. Bill details for the reporters the history and underlying causes behind the forces trying to subvert our Republic.
Good video and audio – over 1 hour in length. He details the information so well that even the skeptical reporters are citing his info back to Bill by the end of the interview. Excellent starting point for beginner researchers and a classic collectable for those more advanced.


Branch Davidians

The Branch Davidian's Last Will and Testament
The men, women, and little children murdered during the Waco Massacre by the BATF and FBI tell their own story on camera, during the siege. The haunting story that keeps Janet Reno awake at night..

The actual two hour videotape made by the Branch Davidian's for the BATF & FBI to prove that no one was being held against their will. The Church members were not aware that this tape would turn out to be their only chance to tell their story to the world. All the people in this video tape are now dead, having been murdered by the U.S. Government.

Heart-rending, Devastating!


William Cooper Speaks in Lansing, Michigan

This is one of the best talks Bill has ever given anywhere. Covers a lot of history, current events, how to obtain and use your personal forum for freedom of speech, and much, much, more MUST KNOW material for every concerned American.


The Secret Government

Origin, Identity & Purpose of (The Real) MJ-12

What do UFO's, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderburgers, the Jason Society, and President George Bush have in common?
In this daring expose', M.W. "Bill" Cooper turns over ALL the rocks and exposes the secret government for what it really is–a collection of drug-dealing profiteers who prey on the very ones they are sworn to protect and defend, the good citizens of not only our country, but the entire world.
During his tour of duty with an intelligence arm of the U.S. Navy, Cooper prepared briefing notes for high-ranking officers of the Pacific Fleet. Shocked and disillusioned by what he saw, Cooper maintained his silence as long as he could. Now the lies and deceit can continue no more.
Learn who they are and where they came from, what their plans are, and what YOU can do to help restore our Constitution and re-establish the Republic.


Project Redlight II

Project Redlight and Project Redlight II were the very first videos produced about Area 51, also known as Dreamland. Contains more information than any other production. A historic classic video unlike anything else you have ever seen. An Area 51 junky "must view".


Bill Speaks At Little Ale' Inn

This is the famous speech where Bill speaks at Area 51.


The Sacrificed King

William Cooper exposes top secrets : Kennedy – The Sacrificed King.
Bill reveals the real story behind the secret government/MJ12, hidden technology, the "real" source of drugs, upcoming one world government JFK assassination, UFOs and much much more.


Assassin Unmasked

-Narrated by Bill Cooper between all footage, hearings, and interviews in a studio
-covers agenda and motive behind the JFK assassination and use of shellfish toxin; shows clips of JFK speeches and swearing in; Bill explains first narrated footage of JFK assassination by Lars Hansen (B&W); Bill explains next clip of President Eisenhower's warnings to the citizens; Shows Eisenhower speech; Bill then explains japans analysis that it was William Greer who assassinated JFK and they sent back color version with highlighted areas; Bill then introduces the House Committee on Assassinations from 1976; committee shows gun invented by CIA that can shoot toxins via pellets or darts, film of gun and even reference the shellfish toxin during the hearings; Yet still no proof of shellfish toxin; during the hearings, CIA director Colby had his counsel deliver the gun to the panel, specifically Senator Frank Church. Colby, his counsel and other operatives admitted they were trained to lie and use “Plausible denial “. Richard Helms, former CIA director admitted CIA developed ways to kill for offensive reasons; Starting with these hearings the IRS and Army began mass survelience of civilians for harassment purposes; then original footage discusses methods already developed by the CIA to assassinate Castro with toxins; Shows footage and facilities at then secured base Ft. Dietrich, Maryland to develop such thing as LSD and shellfish toxins; facility was the Executive Action Capability founded by the Eisenhowser admin.; program developments were to dispose of unwanted foreign leaders using projectile launched poisons. Dr. Evert Hanel, with a thirty yr. Career there shows hambers where they developed assassination poisons and again mentions the shellfish toxin; the toxin caused almost instant death in large test animals, yet animals were not the reason for development; Bill then goes on to explain picture of Lee Harvey Oswald standing in the doorway of the school book depository and a picture of him in custody with the exact same clothing on; Bill had body measurement proportion analysis done and it was the exact same person; This refutes the claim by many that the man in the doorway was a man named “Lovlace” or “Lovelady”; Both the Warren Commission and the 1976 House select committee on assassination knew about the photos and ignored them; Both photos are shown very clear; Bill then goes on to introduce the best available footage of the assassination (Zapruder), and refutes the claim that the pistol in William Greers hand was just a reflection off agent Kellermans head; Point out that govonor and Mrs. Connelly were theonlyones who did the right action and ducked; The agents ignored all training protocol; Bill then goes on to show that Robert Groden, best selling author on the JFK assassination was hired by the 1976 House Committee as the best photo analyst in the world; Groden had never been an analyst, been to photo schooling and his resume was a complete lie; He also lied to the House committee when he said agent Greer never took his hands off the steering wheel which is quite clear in the film. Bill finishes up with what people can do positive with the video and goes on to tell that the men who killed JFK are the architects of the New World Order. An amazing video that will educate even the most educated of researchers.


Dimensions in Parapsychology

Released June 21st, 2004.
Bill appears on Dimensions in Parapsychology Television Program (1 Hour).
This is an interview with Bill around the gulf war period and he goes over some good material. This video was done by a couple that had a local access T.V. channel and a regularly scheduled show. They interview Bill on various topics and it is exactly 59 min, 30 sec.


Behold A Pale Horse DVD


Theses are just some of the topics covered:
1 – personal and family background
2 – Kennedy assasination and Zapruder film with much other footage of the day, with narration!
3 – UFO's and the agenda to use an alien threat to get rid of nation states, our constitution and to bring in a New World Order
4 – Implants
5 – Explains provokers and reasons for Desert Storm
6 – There are occasional date and time subtitles to prove originality
7 – Second amendment issues
8 – Footage of UFO's
9 – Slide show on all of the subjects and reads the documents aloud
10 – Majesty 12 and it's members
11 – Population control
12 – Club of Rome
13 – New regions of world government and why the free trade agreements were made between
Canada and the USA, because we are to be one of the regions
14 – The new Constitution of the U.S., who wrote it and the cost
15 – 10 regions of the planned world gevernment
16 – Colonization of other planets (moon and mars)
17 – NASA
18 – Massive amounts of moon annomalies
19 – Report from Iron Mountain
20 – Star Wars Satellite System and reasons for control of connecting all money transactions
Internationally and transportation to lock down people where you want them and when.

A Bill Cooper epic, The Secret Gov't,
UFO's and his book: Behold A Pale Horse
Among other things he covers: personal and family history; Kennedy assasination with NARRATED footage from Zapruder and other rare footage;UFO's and the agenda to use the alien threat to rid the world of individual nation states, the U.S. constitution, and bring about a one world government with an already written constitution;Implants;Explains reasons for desert
shield/storm;occasional date and time subtitles; 2nd amendament issues;shows footage of UFO's; Bill does an excellent slide show and reads the documents aloud;covers Majesty 12 and it's members;population control;Club of Rome;
new regions of the world and the resons for free trade between the U.S. and Canada; New Constitution of the U.S. already written;
ten regions of world government;Colonization of other planets (moon & Mars) and a massive amount of photo anomalies;report from Iron Mountain;Star Wars defense system and its use
to monitor and control international and money transfers.

Released 02/23/91
4hr. 38min. 30sec.


Sedona Series

Be sure to get this rarely seen speech by Bill Cooper in Sedona, Arizona.   This speech has been called, "one of Bill's most important ever"  by many of those in attendance.
Available for the first time ever from HOTT, this 4 DVD speaking engagement has been professionally edited and mastered to digital format.



Video of the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas and all of it's Mystery School symbology.



Hour Of Our Time

The Hour of Our Time, the documentary about the life and death of Milton William "Bill" Cooper.


Oh Canada, Our Bought and Sold Land

This 2009 entertaining documentary film explores the history of banking, the selling out of the prosperity of Canada, the clearance sale of Canadian businesses and the political liquidation of public infrastructures to the multi-national corporate oligarchy.  This movie presents these issues that affect every Canadian from the perspective of, and delivered by concerned youth in an astute and colorful manner.

This is a serious piece of journalism piece that asks the tough questions directly to such politicians as Former Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin, Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, Ontario Gas Man Dan McTeague, NDP Leader Jack Layton, Mayor of Oshawa John Gray, Former Prime Minister John Turner and many more!

This DVD is a also fantastic companion piece to any research Americans may have already done about the Federal Reserve.  It shows that even though the Canadian central bank is owned and operated by the Canadian government, the same central players are in control.

PLEASE NOTE : If you order this DVD from us we will forward your mailing information to Dan Matthews, the filmmaker of this documentary, and your orders will be shipped directly from his office.  He has agreed that your information will only be used to send your DVD to you and that he will not share it with anyone else.  He may e-mail or snail mail you with a request to join his mailing list, but you must opt-in to ensure you receive any updates from him.


Below you will find the descriptions for the Special Research Items.


Hour Of The Time Self-Sufficiency .PDF Library on DVD

Hour Of The Time is pleased to announce the most extensive e-book library of it’s kind in the field of self-sufficiency.  This must have DVD set is available immediately for you to obtain and use for the benefit of all those around you.

To Build A Free World

Have you ever thought about all of the intricacies of society and what you would do if it suddenly disappeared?  What would you do if suddenly a man-made or natural disaster caused a halt to your way of life? Are you knowledgeable enough to cover all of these areas:  medical care, sanitation, water and food, heat, light, cooking, communications, preserving food, safety and security, transportation and energy?  Would you like to have the knowledge to avoid disaster?  Have you ever been in field conditions in less-developed countries and wished you had the knowledge to lead a better life or impart that knowledge to others?  What will you do when the store shelves run dry?  How will you thrive in an environment where the infrastructure collapses and you have to do things on your own?  Have you ever wanted to build a cottage industry at home to avoid the coming major economic catastrophes and even prosper economically?  Well, we here at the Hour Of The Time have thought about those very things, teaching people face-to-face and over the air for years, and have researched these topics extensively.  This research has culminated in the most expansive library of its kind available anywhere, and we are now offering it to you, the concerned and responsible person.  Much of this information used to be common knowledge but has been lost, thanks to a government controlled education system.  Now, by donating for this expansive DVD set, you can have and learn the very tools which man strove for centuries to develop.  All of this information will be available right at your fingertips, for the preservation of your life and those around you, including your communities, churches and your posterity.

The Contents

This massive collection of .pdf books, the largest ever assembled, contains over 3,000 full length books on all areas of life and covers such a spectrum that listing them all here would be a numbing task.  What we have done is segmented this package into user-friendly folders of general areas, and organized the contents into even more manageable topics, to make finding and using the material quite manageable.  At last count we were well over 1 million pages.   Now just imagine the time and expense of gathering all of these books and the space it would take to store or transport them.  That is why we here at The Hour Of The Time have created this must have product. Below are just some of the topics covered.

Animal Husbandry:

How to find, raise, feed, care for, butcher and use almost any animal, whether they be the smaller sized like chickens, goats and rabbits, all the way up to cattle and the other larger species of common mammals.

Animal Traps and Tanning:

If without a source of food, would you know how to effectively trap wild and domestic game for use?  Would you know how to use all the parts, even the hides to make clothing, tools, shelter?  These very topics are covered in detail in this section.


Do you know how aquaculture works and how it can be used to not only preserve your food supply, but also be used as a current source of income?  Would you know how to build your own equipment for care and harvesting?  What species of aquaculture thrive in which areas of the planet? What are their habits and behaviors?  What does aquaculture typically feed on? How would one get that feed or recognize it to more effectively engage in aquaculture practices?  It is extensively covered here under 18 sub-topics in detail for your use and knowledge.


Do you know what aquaponics is and how effective it can be towards stabilizing your way of life?  This in-depth section is full of exhaustively gathered material to show you just how easy it can be with a little knowledge.

Around the Home:

Do you know how to deal with common problems that occur around your home without calling an “expert”?  Do you know all of the simple tricks that society used to have as common knowledge to make for a better, safer, more productive and secure life?  Here they are in quantity, so you too can have the knowledge that our forefathers used to take for granted.  Just another of the reasons why you should order your DVD set now.


Do you know how to build a variety of shelters, from the most modest short-term survival shelters to whole communities?  Can you work with multiple materials like wood, concrete, adobe, metal and stone to not only free yourself from the bonds of disaster but also save you untold thousands of dollars in expenditures?


Learn how to plan a project to be more effective.  Learn how to organize and manage small and large-scale endeavors.  How would you create a cooperative that worked?  Do you have the basic math skills to facilitate business and negotiations?  In this section you can learn all of these things and many more.


Do you know how to effectively communicate in the most productive way for a given set of circumstances?  Can you put to use the printed and airwave mediums to lead a safer and better life?  Learn how, along with many other skills in this section.


Learn how to cook varieties of food in all sorts of environments safely.  Can you make oils, use solar appliances, make stoves and store your food supply to the fullest extent possible?  If not, then this section will show you how.

Energy and Fuel:

Can you create fuels out of commonly available materials?  Do you know how to make the more common “alternative fuels”, store and contain them?  Can you use these fuels, by-products, etc. to generate energy?  Have you ever thought about becoming free of the power grid, create a cottage industry or be more self-sustaining for your livelihood?  Have you ever wondered how to make your own storage devices like batteries yourself for your peace of mind and independence?  Then this is just one of the sections for you.

Farming and Gardening:

Learn and study how to identify, raise, propagate and harvest your own fruits and vegetables.  Do you know how to keep a continual supply going for generations?  These multiple sections will show you just that, from a small-scale window herb garden to community sustaining commercial size operations.

Food Preservation:

Can you use your harvest at a later date safely?  Do you know how to keep pest and disease infestations from causing you loss of life and those around you?  Do you know how to preserve all variety of foodstuffs for use later without refrigeration?  Learn all of that and much more with these valuable tools.

Forestry and Lumber:

Learn how to harvest the bounty around us for construction, heating and tools.  Can you make your own tools and maintain them?  You will learn how here.

Hand-powered tools:

Do you know how to make and use tools, devices and machines that do not require the use of any other power but your own?  Can you use these tools to create a place around you that is safe and secure?  If not, then you need to learn these skills for the coming times.


Can you operate and maintain the most common types of machinery around us?  Can you effectively put to use machinery to make a better environment for you and your loved ones?  This is where you need to look.


Learn the basics and advanced principles of field condition First-aid in hostile and disaster stricken environments.  Learn beginning and advanced dental practices.  Learn about health care, disease prevention, how to set-up emergency hospitals and even perform basic surgery here in this exhaustive medical section.  This one life-saving section alone is reason enough to get your DVD set now!


Learn to make effective and safe sanitation for just yourself or whole communities.  Learn about water quality, proper waste disposal, disease prevention and many of the other things that “modern” society takes for granted as always being there and working.

Small Scale Manufacturing:

Learn about various industries, how to produce items on a scale larger than just your own needs and even start a business for your security.


Learn to use solar power for energy generation, heating, sanitation, cooking and a multitude of other uses.  Learn how to design, build you own networks, share and distribute the benefits of solar energy for yourself and those around you.


Learn to create workable stoves and other appliances to heat and cook with from almost any material in any environment.


Can you survive in winter, mountain, urban, desert and other environments in times or need?  Learn how to here in this section, which covers almost every possible environment and setting you might encounter.


Do you understand how to create and use different modes of transportation for different environments effectively?  Learn this and much more here to keep you way of life moving.


Learn to find water where you thought it didn’t exist.  Learn how to harness water and distribute it for yourself, gardening, farming, community access and the preservation of those around you.  Learn the points of water safety, quality and distribution that now only government created and controlled institutions that collapse easily in times of disaster are in charge of.  Make your own pumps in any environment from a multitude of materials and store that water in a safe and productive manner.


In our fragile, man-made environment you can no longer go about waiting for someone else to take care of you, unless of course you are one of the socialists collapsing society right now before our very eyes.  You need to take control of your life, safety, livelihood and future with skills that you can learn right here in the Hour Of The Time Self-Sufficiency library.  Remember, the above is just a scratch on the surface of the contents in this collection of over 3,000 books for the first time gathered in one place for your use and study.  By getting this DVD set now, you can ward off disaster later!

All of these books are in the Adobe PDF format, which allows for viewing on most computers.
Statehood – The Territorial Imperative

This 3 volume set of books is the most authoritative treatise ever published on the principles of Statehood, State Sovereignty and RS 2477.

Each volume is 8.5" x 11" format and the 3 volumes total over 600 pages.

Included in the 3 volume set are:

STATEHOOD: The Territorial Imperative

STATEHOOD: An Extraction (look to this as an initial study guide or student workbook)

RS 2477:  A Road Out of Territorial Bondage

This set is just as it's title indicates, Imperative, to a full restoration of our Republic.

It has been a privilege and joy for Hour Of The Time to work with the authors on research and conference's and now we humbly offer their work as part of our solution-oriented approach to solving our problems.

"It rests within the State to determine the extent of territory over which the federal will exercise Sovereign Jurisdiction", from the Writings of George Washington from the Original Manuscript Sources.

“(T)he State legislatures, who will always be not only vigilant but suspicious and jealous guardians of the rights of the citizens against encroachments from the federal government, will constantly have their attention awake to the conduct of the national rulers, and will be ready enough, if any thing improper appears, to sound the alarm to the people, and not only to be the VOICE, but, if necessary, the ARM of their discontent.”  Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 26

Too much provision cannot be made against a consolidation. The state governments represent the wishes, and feelings, and local interests, of the people. They are the safeguard and ornament of the Constitution; they will protract the period of our liberties; they will afford a shelter against the abuse of power, and will be the natural avengers of our violated rights.”  Mr. Ames, In State Constitutional Convention, Boston, January 19, 1788, Debates in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution