WWFRN Schedule for 12/01/09

Tonight, at 9PM EST, we continue with Part 2 of Bill’s classic ADL series. ¬†A must listen!

Then at 10PM EST, we present another episode of “A Healthier You”. ¬†Tonight’s topic will be “Genetic Autism/Pepsi”.

These programs will repeat until tomorrow evening on the World Wide Freedom Radio Network stream. Click here to listen in.


  1. This is one my very favorite series, thank you for broadcasting it. I encourage everyone to take the time to hear this. Lyndon La Rouche was mentioned in here as providing some evidence against the ADL. Was that Senior? I think it had to do with Teddy Roosevelt being a British agent? I find that unusual because La Rouche Jr. hugely endorses FDR. Here’s a recent news item on La Rouche where the ADL is mentioned also.