WWFRN Schedule for 11/26/09

Tonight we’re pleased to present the 2nd show Bill ever did! Originally aired on the 5th of January 1993, this is entitled “Creator-endowed rights”.

Tune in on the World Wide Freedom Radio Network at 9pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time for this show!

At 10pm, please be sure to tune in David Christopher’s program “A Healthier You”. Tonight’s topic will be “Tinnitus”.  Clear up your ears for better listening – double your pleasure when tuning in the Hour of the Time in the future!

Check out his websites here : http://www.snh.cc

Thanks for listening!

These programs will repeat until 9pm tomorrow on WWFRN, so tune in throughout the evening tonight and all day tomorrow if you’re not able to listen when they premiere!

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  1. “Creator-endowed rights” is definitely one of Bill’s most important broadcasts. There is a lot of truth to what Biil said in that broadcast. If you do not believe in a higher benevolent perfect power greater than yourself, then you have no choice but to believe the deciteful Luciferian doctrine, which states that there is no god but the human intellect. There are no more choices but the Luciferian doctrine and the belief in a creator who gave us unalienable rights.