WWFRN Schedule for 06/20/11

At 21:00 EDT, we’re pleased to present another classic Hour of the Time Episode entitled “Behold A Pale Horse – Audiobook – Part 4 of 4”.

At 22:00 EDT, we’ve got another episode of A Healthier You with David Christopher.  Tonight David will be discussing “Hypoglycomia”.

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  1. I had a spare minute and caught this video.


    These folks were at the Brenton Woods conference in New Hampshire and it is very interesting to hear an inside viewpoint of the direction that is needed for “sustainability”. Nothing new to those who have paid attention to the growing agenda 21/going green movement, but it is interesting to hear them talk about it and how they rationalize their beliefs.

    • I like it how they called it ‘Roundtable on Sustainable Development’ (what pretty words). These economists are ‘social engineering’ our future!