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The Hour of the Time has been on the air since 1993.  For information on how to listen to our programs, please click here.

Our mission is to lead by example in the restoration of individual liberty and independence, as envisioned by America’s founders and referred to in their writings, by helping dedicated people educate themselves and prepare for the future.  This is largely done through continual speaking engagements, conferences, technical and legal writing and presentations around the country.

We enjoy receiving letters from our listeners and fellow researchers and will communicate with anyone who wishes to communicate with us, providing that your  letter is polite and respectful.  If you contact us with information or research you may have which disagrees with something on our website, we’d be pleased to discuss any issues with you providing you are polite and respectful in your contact.   So please – share comprehensive and sourced research or just write us a letter.  Trolling and abusive letters will be trashed after reading.

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PO Box 940
Eagar, Arizona

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