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11/26/06(Posted 12/05/06)

Hour Of The Time and Veritas News exclusive
26 Nov 06
Doyel Shamley
Delegated Authority Part II

This research may be hazardous to bad laws. Courts, bureaucrats and socialists may not welcome or approve of these truths, nor are they to be construed as legal advice. Therefore, to act on these facts is to do so at your own risk or opportunity. - Doyel Shamley
Ladies and gentleman, as stated in the Hour Of The Time and Veritas News Exclusive of 18 Nov 06, there is an apparent void in research and knowledge concerning the issues of delegated authority and jurisdiction.

In an attempt to educate the people of this country to stem socialism and tyrannical government, while restoring the full force of our Republic, we are embarking on a series of research essays. This is the second installment of the series and deals with the court proven necessity for delegated authority.
Please read this and study it closely because proper research and information is the beginning to the restoration of our Constitution.



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Hour Of The Time and Veritas News exclusive

Doyel Shamley

This research may be hazardous to bad laws. Courts, bureaucrats and socialists may not welcome or approve of these truths, nor are they to be construed as legal advice. Therefore, to act on these facts is to do so at your own risk or opportunity. - Doyel Shamley

Ladies and Gentleman, there is a vast void of knowledge in America concerning Delegation of Authority. This, along with a lack of knowledge concerning issues of Jurisdiction are the very tool's which tyrannical government and it's minions are destroying our Republic and Constitution.
Although this research has been conducted and broadcast through various means by myself in the past, there have been certain events of late, which have shown me that a refresher series is necessary.
This first installment will be a cursory overview of Delegation of Authority and cases concerning said matter.



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