WWFRN Schedule for 06/17/11

At 21:00 EDT, we’re pleased to present another classic Hour of the Time Episode entitled “Behold A Pale Horse – Audiobook – Part 3 of 4”.

At 22:00 EDT, we’ve got another episode of A Healthier You with David Christopher.  Tonight David will be discussing “Depression”.

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    I know this is the wrong attitude to have…..but I saw a friend of mine post this, this morning and I have to share it because it is funny anyway…..

    “Jason Green:
    My brother over here talkin that mason conspiracy shit! I’m like ok they exist so what you gone do? Smoke somethin!!!!!”

  2. @ Angelo (and Jason Green, apparently…)

    I am smoking right now 🙂 and here’s my response to “What you gonna do?”


    Trying to route out and eliminate the secret societies as a whole is just not realistic. We may as well try and weed out the evil in man’s heart – It is never going to happen (in the material world). And in truth, if masons want to worship themselves and blindly follow a bunch of other lemmings off the cliff, then fuck ’em. I have known masons personally in my life, and I think they are all blind followers who are so easily duped by others that they give up their own freedom for material crap and “favors”. Still, that is their choice; until it starts to hurt us. Then it becomes illegal, immoral, and unacceptable.

    And so, in my humble opinion, it is the way that these secret societies choose to impose their association/ religion on the rest of us against all of our personal rights that I will never accept. That goes for anyone, masonic or not.

    What’s more, I think that it is this very act of manipulation and plunder of our rights that we actually CAN do something about. It doesn’t matter what association one belongs to; it is the infringement on the God given rights of others that is the crux of the problem. It is only with a protection of each of our God given, personal rights and liberties from any and all infringement that we can ever be safe from man’s evil. The constitution does just that, and so I say that the easiest and most surefire way to protect ourselves from tyranny is with a return to the principles already outlined in our constitution.

    “There is no hiding place from the Father of creation.” (Curtis Mayfield)

  3. @ Angelo
    It’s our own (the people’s) fault. We’re supporting the conspiracy with our ignorance and apathy by blindly believing the BS from the TV, never reading books or thinking for ourselves, and we’re even paying for it and the degradation it promotes to keep us happily distracted and ignorant. Of course, this doesn’t apply to anyone here but to the public at large.

  4. Lana’s got it right. There is a solution, and it is in we; the people.

    Here’s one of my favorite Mudjack quotes that Lana also pointed out one time:

    “…It is the People who are behind and in front of it all. We’re the only ones who could allow it to happen and we’re the only ones that can make it all go away. It’s here because we let it be here…”

    (Mudjack – From the Rothschild part 1 comment section)

  5. @Y’all lol

    You guys thought you had to tell me all that? You guys kill me. I KNOW. I just posted that cause even if it is ignorant as hell it was funny. You guys gotta keep your sense of humor no matter what. Feel me? ALSO, that quote came off of a very famous persons’ facebook page. He was purposely trying to be funny about it. That was all. I do although appreciate the time you guys took to write all that though. I totally agree with you.