Moon mission replay

Hey folks,

Considering Nasa has lost some 45 or so of the videotapes from the Apollo 11 mission (claiming an “embarassing mistake” in that they taped over the original footage) I thought you folks might be interested in this website where you can track the mission LIVE, 40 years later.


Whether or not you choose to believe the mission did actually take them to the moon or not, this is an interesting little website…

Oh, by the way, Hollywood is “restoring” the videotapes Nasa could round up…


I guess they figure they didn’t do a good enough job the first time around!

Have a good weekend folks!


  1. I will stick with what Bill stated about this space program back then, total and utter Bullchit. How convenient to tape over history, or miss place it, but they never misplace funds and or monies.. I need to go back out and eat some more GMO Monsanto grains before I can swallow their lies once again. Seems they are attempting to convince the public this is real, why? maybe cause there is a leak they cannot plug yet in the story?

  2. Probably the greatest accomplishments mankind has ever achieved, at least in this century, and they taped over the originals? Yeah right…….

  3. When I heard about this I my sides almost split from laughing.

    … Can you believe it!?