Cool bumper sticker.

Someone shared this bumper sticker they made in the chatroom today – I thought it was cool.


  1. holy wow, thats a good one! and i thought i was creative. are they available for purchase/donation?

  2. Obviously I did not make up the domain, but I did make up the slogan. Super easy to do. Just Google “make your own bumper stickers” or something like that, pick your site, make up your sticker, choose how
    many you want, and order up. Easy.

  3. If that message is actually going to be advertised, it wouldn’t do any good unless there was a definitive piece of literature concerning federal jurisdiction (or lack thereof) placed prominently on the site. Doyel, Rob… how about it? If I recall correctly, Bill had a link to Becraft’s “Federal Jurisdiction” marked as “Read this next” — second to “MYSTERYBABYLON”. Otherwise folks will get to the site, think “Well, so what?” and then leave.

  4. By the way, I’m “The Ghost.” I meant to post under my name but it had my nom de plume up there and I didn’t notice.

  5. The sticker kicks ass and it stays just like it is. Enjoy.

    I also have a rubber stamp that says http://www.hourofthetime.com. Every bill, letter, or other item I mail out gets whopped inside and out with it. All my fake paper money I carry gets whopped as well.

    Get creative and get advertising, boys and girls. It’s a lot of fun!

  6. Rob, Doyel
    Maybe a nice idea for the HOTT Shops with Ted’s okay.

    Stamping “every letter” to congress, I like. There are black and whites out there that that would not like that b&w sticker on their car either. Right by the 911.

  7. You don’t need my OK on this. Go for it.

    I stamp all my letters to Congress as well.

    Haven’t thought about hitting cop’s cars. Might be risky. Might be fun. Lol.

  8. Wet T-shirt contests for ‘Got Jurisdiction’ tees would get a lot of donations at a friendly and favorite pub. Win a nice fresh wet shirt. Just a thought,,, just a thought. Makes me thirsty? Don’t mean to objectify. Hell the lady’s can do their own with men.

  9. lauro, I’m game for making T-shirts. One of the things I had in mind was to be sure that all the T-shirts I use are strictly American made. That comes first.

  10. go to zazzle.com it doesn’t cost anything, you can just design those babies and put ’em up for sale. you get money, too.