WWFRN Schedule for July 23rd, 2009

The Hour of the Time at 9pm will be airing part 5 of our much requested “Survival Series”.

At 10pm, please tune in for another brand new episode of “Mozart’s Basement” with our special guests “Kinnexa Cross”.  Both Kinnexa herself and Mark Pare (vocals/guitar) will be in the chatroom tonight to answer your questions and chat.  You can checkout their various web portals here :

Kinnexa Cross Official Website

Kinnexa Cross Blog

Kinnexa Cross on Facebook

Kinnexa Cross on Myspace (free tunes here!)

Be sure to be one of the first 10 people to call the studio line and leave your mailing address and we’ll send you their premiere CD release “Cheaper than a Shrink” for FREE – AND POSTPAID!

Call in at 613-733-4324!

We’ll finish off today’s broadcasts with an episode of “A Healthier You” at midnight.

Enjoy folks – and thanks for listening.


  1. Hey Rob, good show. Sounds like Green Day with a chick singer. Rowdy. Some good, in your face, ball-busting, bluezy rock and roll. Good stuff.

    The acoustic stuff they did in the studio was good. It’s all about the music.

    Rock on, Bro’!

  2. Hey Ted, thanks for the outstanding comments! Can we use (and possibly your last initial?) in our press sheet?

    We are playing in Alexandria on 15 Aug – if you’d like to come out let me know and I’ll arrange a free ticket! Thanks again.