WWFRN Schedule for July 20th, 2009

Hey folks,

We just landed on the moon!!!!!

Imagine how excited you would be to hear that, even today, 40 years later than the first time we apparently did this feat. It still seems incredible, most likely because it is the most amazing event technology has supposedly brought us. To think we did this 40 years ago is even more amazing! I’d sure like to buy a set of videos from Nasa of all of the original footage. Someone, please send my a link where I can buy those tapes/DVDs!!!! Oh wait, for a minute there I forgot about the “fact” that NASA taped over the 45 or so videotapes they had of the greatest achievement mankind has ever accomplished. Sheesh – what a mistake to make! Oh well, I guess we all make mistakes. Sometimes 45 times in a row…

Please enjoy Bill Cooper’s NASA series provided to you listeners all night tonight! All 6 episodes will be streamed on WWFRN starting at 8pm tonight!

Please tune in, and join the discussions that are sure to be happening in the chatroom tonight.


  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase Ralph Rene’s book, NASA Mooned America! or his other books The Last Skeptic of Science and WTC Lies and Fairy Tales? I just found out that he died… Damn, I kept putting off buying it, I had the order forms printed out from his website and all. His website isn’t loading anymore.

  2. Can anybody answer this question for me?

    Did the Russian cosmonauts report the same star blindness that the Americans did?

  3. Thanks for the link DBmb78. I found that last night too but I really enjoy reading a book in paper form. I find my eyes hurting when I read from a computer monitor for too long from eBooks.

  4. Did we or did we not go to the moon? That is the question. The more I look into it, the more confused I get.

  5. Yuri Gagarin, first Russian cosmonaut:

    “Astonishingly bright cold stars could be seen through the windows.”

    Yuri Gagarin is a liar. How would he know that the stars he saw were cold, if he didn’t touch them with his own hands?

    Grow up guys. No human has ever been in outer space. Period. I will only believe it when I go there myself. Until then, the entire space program is a hoax.

  6. By the way, the spaceship Yuri Gagrin went into space with was called “Vostok”. Vostok, in Russian, means East! The sun rises in the East! Get the picture? More Mystery School bullshit. The Illuminati do not hide anything. It is all out in the open for people to see and understand.

  7. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if what you were saying is true.

    What I want to know is, how do you get your avatar on there with your name? I want an avatar too!

  8. I don’t know how I got a picture on there. I think it shows up if you register a blog with your email on blogger and upload a picture to your blog.

  9. a Columbia Endevor to Discover the new Atlantis and all Challengers will be destroyed. Crowley’s students and project paperclip working their majik.my parents get really mad at me when i speak bad about the moonlanding like they went there themselves or something.but then again my parents havent studied the mystery schools. i.t.