WWFRN Schedule for August 24th, 2009

The Hour of the Time at 9pm will be airing an episode included in our new Mystery Babylon 3 series.

You’ll be sure to love this classic William Cooper broadcast entitled “Secret Societies and the Alchemical Meme”.  Please enjoy it, and remember we are listener supported.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy either of our two new DVD releases, The Fourth World, or John Daniel’s 4 DVD set.  Visit the HOTT Shop for more details.  By donating for these DVDs you help to support this cause, plus you get great products!

At 10pm, please tune in for a specially requested episode of David Christopher’s “A Healthier You”.  Tonight’s topic is “Herbal Pesticides”.  You’re welcome Steve!

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  1. Great shows all! Mystery Babylon III is not something I have heard before. I will have to snag that up as soon as possible! Great material.

  2. Wow. Im in Europe right now on a trip and this was the perfect broadcast for you to post right now. I was just at the Cathedral Notre Dame and i was looking for occult symbolism but i didn’t have this context to look at it through. Im gonna buy that book by Fulcanelli asap.

    I just got back from a different church today and it was filled with occult symbolism. All seeing eyes, sun moon and stars, etc. The most blatant one was a Phoenix flying out a pyramid with a truncated capstone inside of a sun….in a catholic church. I thought these guys where supposed to be enemies lol.

  3. MainSource,
    Very cool to hear you are in Europe. Where’s the pics?

    I have always wanted to see some of those magnificent structures. Lucky you.

  4. hmm..i just tried posting links to the pics twice and it didn’t show up. ill try again later

  5. Some say the Jesuits created Freemasonry. The Jesuits came before Freemasonry and used all of the popular symbols usually associated with Freemasonry. Before the Jesuits were the Knight’s Templar so who knows? It’s all a continuation of Babel and Nimrod. In my opinion the Pope is the high priest of Babylon (all pagan and mystery religions) and will one day be at the head of an overt one world religion.