WWFRN Schedule for August 20th, 2009

The Hour of the Time at 9pm will be airing “The Identity of Scarlet” from Bill’s “Scarlet and the Beast Series”.  Most of you will be aware that this series was based on John Daniel’s fantastic book set of the same name.  We were lucky enough to have John at our Hour of the Time Conference last year for an all day presentation – which we filmed!  This film has now been edited down to a 4 DVD set and is available at our HOTT Shop.  By donating to receive this item you’re helping us and getting a fantastic presentation to boot.  This is a professionally shot, professionally packaged item.  Check it out!   Visit the HOTT Shop for more details.

At 10pm, please tune in for David Christopher’s “A Healthier You”.  Tonight they have a special guest, Claudia Keyworth, on the program.  Get in tune with your health!  Please visit David’s website here.


  1. Where does HOTT officially stand on the issues of alien holograms of Jesus?How about seasons and breathable atmosphere on the moon?Do you still believe that the driver shot Kennedy?I have been hearing alot of negative things about Behold a pale horse lately.Also have you seen this masked /voice distorted guy on T.V. calling himself palehorse?From what I have read on HOTT you seem like patriots but whats the deal with these outrageous claims being made against you on mainstream media lately?

  2. Hi Rifleman,

    I will be addressing these issues on a live call in program next week.
    I’m getting VERY tired of Alex spouting lies about us. We normally choose to ignore him, but when he goes on disrespecting Cooper and his life’s work we have no choice but to respond. We have much better, more productive things we could be doing, but Alex has crossed the line with his utter disrespect and lies about Bill. It’s pretty easy to attack a dead man.
    We have no association with Pale Horse from the Ohio Militia. He chose his name for his own reasons, apparently in tribute to Bill and his book “Behold a Pale Horse”.
    I will be posting a schedule ahead of time so be sure to tune in and hear our official answers to Alex’s BS.

  3. Thanks.I have been getting grilled by Jonsers lately and just wanted you guys to weigh in on it.I will keep listening.

  4. lets hope one of these days Alex chokes on his pork chop. The pocket pilfering, fear mongering, no good bold faced liar. I cannot say it like Bill did, he had it down pat with Alex and his demoralizing rhetoric.

  5. Wow its sad how easily Alex’s cattle herd is manipulated. Why dont you read Behold A Pale Horse for yourself if you wanna know. He claimed that he saw documents saying those things about aliens, and left it up to the reader whether or not to believe it. Even Bill himself would later decide not to believe it.

    I personally don’t believe any of the “inside information” that Bill got while in naval intelligence. Not because i think Bill was a liar, but because i dont believe ANYTHING that can’t be verified in my own research. I don’t rely on people to do research for me. That being said, i think Bill is the the only researcher who ive been able to verify half the claims of on my own, and i think he had the best understanding of the mystery schools of anyone outside of the actual initiates (who are the people we should really be listening to if we wanna figure this thing out). Jordan Maxwell is the only other one i think is even worth listening to but he cant be blindly believed either.

    I dont think Alex Jones is a zionist agent or cointelpro or a jesuit or any of that bs. But i think the fact that people say these things about him is just proof of karma. If he wants to spout lies about the nwo and other patriots (ones who arent alive to defend themselves at that) then people are gonna spout lies about him and he fully deserves it.

  6. I simply ignore Alex Jones altogether. No matter what he says or does.

    He is no different than the Limbaugh’s and Hannity’s he complains about. Big bullshitter.

    Ignore the son-of-a-bitch and enjoy life.

  7. Here is the problem with Jones and Jonesers. They do not research their own leader.

    Have you ever listened to the report of Alex Jones and the death of bill cooper? Listen to that and then listen to what alex Jones said this month.

    Have you ever heard the interview with Bill Cooper that Alex Jones did? You must listen to that.

    2 totally different stories. almost like Jones has a split personality.

    Alex Jones is a turd in a punch bowl. he is a con artist and working for the other side. This is his own words, not mine.

  8. Maxwell is full of Shite like Jones. I listened to maxwell and he loved madam blavoski balogna whatever her name is.

    He doesnt even know hebrew and pretends he can interpret words to mean certain things.

    Myself and Chris White debunked to much of maxwell for him to even be considered credible.

  9. I find it quite disturbing t hat the ones whom have pushed to teach and inform the public about issues with the NWO and so forth have been all nailed by the IRS, all except for Alex, this in itself shows he is inside the shadowy walls of gubmint. Last one to get slammed for NWO rhetoric by the IRS claiming tax evasion was Kent Hovind.

  10. TJ Chambers

    So your one of those guys running around “debunking” Jordan Maxwell then. So because he says he likes Blavatsky hes full of shit? Maybe he likes blavatsky. I like Blavatsky. I like Manly P Hall. I even like Aliester Crowley. That doesn’t mean im part of the nwo. It means im not a Christian and i support freedom of religion (i thought that “patriots” did to). However i do despise international socialism and my only problem with the mystery schools is their support of this, as well as the fact that they hide the truth and think they own it when it should be open to all of us. As far as the doctrine of it though, i have no problem with it. I think its great. If you dont thats perfectly fine but dont say people are full of shit just because they dont think like you.

    Lol its gonna be funny to read the responses to that post tommorow.

  11. I sort of agree. Just because Maxwell likes Blavatsky doesn’t make him wrong. I don’t even know that he does, but even if it’s true, whatever.
    Cooper wasn’t always right either. He admitted it from time to time.

    I also agree with the majority here that Alex is an idiot to be avoided at all cost!

  12. Hey TJ, that article you posted was little bit thin and a whole lot of speculation and by the standards set in the article it would imply that most catholic and christian men are secretly gay.Sounds like a bunch of psycho babble from someone who has never been a freemason.But I do agree that Maxwells uses little word tricks to connect dots that dont exist and is definetly an avid new ager.(he laid in a coffin in egypt for 3 days and nights).As far as anyone following Crowley I will pray for your soul.

  13. I concur. Maxwell, in my humble opinion, gives interesting and thought provoking information. Is he apart of the NWO? Who knows? Frankly, who cares? Most of his information matches up. Regardless, individuals have their favorites in the “truth movement.” We should not latch to one particular individual. I like to take in information from all sides, and then make my own conclusions.

    Another example, Bill Thornton (mentioned at the other thread) is a Freemason (32 degree I think). Should I automatically discredit his research and information regarding our legal system, Common Law, etc. just because he is a Freemason? No! Thornton’s information is backed up, and he encourages individuals to do research too. His message is simple, “Through the courts, encouraging the government to obey the law.” I like that, and the cases he worked on succeeded.

    Of course, individuals have their likes and dislikes in the “truth movement,” but we should not belittle one another for this reason. That’s my two cents.

    Viva la libertà,

  14. “So your one of those guys running around “debunking” Jordan Maxwell then”

    No, I’m not one of those guys. Just like Hour of The time, when someone out there claims to be spouting truth, and you can pick it apart and show that they are full of it, that is what I did.

    I never said he can’t believe whatever religion he wants. Nice try to mix that in.

    He uses Blavasky to disprove Christianity. I used his own lectures to prove he is a flake based on his facts of truth that are not facts and not true.

    Blavasky’s writings are those of the mysteries. If Maxwell wants to believe them to be true and his religion, Fine. But when he uses them as truth to disprove other religions like Christianity and what he is saying is complete nonsense, you better believe I am going to expose that.

    He also pushes a new age religion and HOTT exposed the new age religion agenda.

    Veritas, you are trying to muddy the water. Thornton and Maxwell are 2 different people that discuss 2 different issues. Not even on the same topic nor the same playing field.

    If you don’t like frauds being exposed and their truths revealed as the lies that they are, then you are on the wrong website.

    You should be following Jones who discusses frauds and then invites them on his show and says they agree 100% on all issues.

    Now if you are one of those guys that likes to start trouble with those who are seeking truth, well, you certainly are trying.

  15. Maxwell also takes others work and information, puts his spin on it, and passes it on as his own.

  16. I should give an example, anyone who has heard the lectures given by Randolph O. Yeager will know where most if not all of his biblical stances stem from. I find the similarities to precise to be a coincidence.

  17. I’ve read Blavatsky for myself, and she has some of the most extensive references and bibliographies ive seen. Yes, Jordan Maxwell wasn’t the first to say those things. Neither was Blavatsky. Those accusations are as old as Christianity itself. If you want i can find some of the words of the earliest church fathers commenting on Christianitys similarities to Mithraism. The Catholic Church has admitted at many points that they purposely matched their holidays and rituals with those of the pagans, supposedly to make it easier to convert them. Protestantism changed some of those things, but only a fraction. So the ritual and technical aspects of Christianity today are almost entirely outgrown from paganism, and if you cant see that then you haven’t done your homework.

    Does this disprove the teachings of Christ? Not at all. It disproves the control system set up by the church that has nothing to do with christ at all. I have no problem with Christ or his teachings, i think they’re beautiful. That doesn’t change the fact that the Christian religion is just another outgrowth of the mystery schools that at one point deviated from the Gnostic views so the Church and the Lodges have been at war since then.

    Second of all i was never saying that Maxwell is infallible. All i said is that hes the only one besides Bill thats even worth a shit. If you really wanna learn about the occult involvement in the new world order then you shouldn’t be listening to idiots like texe marrs or alex jones. You should be reading books like “Fire In The Minds of Men” by James Billington and countless other scholarly volumes that i would happily recommend to anyone interested. If you do this then you can’t be accused of being a conspiracy nut by even the sheepest of sheeple. But if your trying to wake someone up and you hand them an article about “Freemasonry’s homosexual agenda” by some fundamentalist Christian then they’ll laugh at you even more. This is why nobody takes the patriot movement seriously. Because of people like that who exaggerate claims about the illuminati without any legitimate references. The true story is so profound that theres really no reason to exaggerate it.

  18. Not to discredit anyone posting here, but I am curious about something…

    For example, some say Jordan Maxwell is a bullshitter and they have debunked him. Fine. What, specifically, is he bullshitting about? What, specifically has he been debunked about?

    Some say Jordan Maxwell is right on. Fine. What, specifically, is he right on about?

    I once heard a HOTT show during which Bill Cooper talked with Jordan Maxwell and they seemed to be on the same page and to get along just fine and it was a great show.

  19. Jordan tries to speak the whole zeitgeist jesus was the sun thing.Bill makes Jordan admit that this was just a hijacking of christianity and not vice versa.Jordan stammers and then admits that Bill is right on this point.Then Jordan changes topics and stops his jesus is the sun bit.Bill put Jordan in his place.In none of his other speaches do you ever hear Jordan talk about this highjacking of christianity.Jordan = new age disinfo agent there to tell you jesus was the sun.and he uses word games to accomplish this.Anyone with education in ancient languages knows Jordan is total hogwash.Horus =hours c’mon.

  20. OK, this is the very thing I am talking about: “Horus =hours c’mon.” You’re implying that this statement is bunk. Where is your research that disproves it? And for those on the other side of the argument, where is your research that proves it?

  21. okay.The word horus is a greek word .The egyptian word for horus is not horus.hours is not a greek word.this is wordplay.i dont know how else to explain it. lil help here TJ.

  22. According to Wikipedia…

    “Origin of name
    Horus is recorded in Egyptian hieroglyphs as ḥr.w and is reconstructed to have been pronounced *Ḥāru, meaning ‘Falcon’. As a description it has also typically been thought of as having the meaning ‘the distant one’ or ‘one who is above, over'[3] By Coptic times, the name became Hōr. It was adopted into Greek as Ὡρος Hōros. The original name also survives in later Egyptian names such as Har-Si-Ese literally ‘Horus, son of Isis’.”

    According to Britannica…
    Egyptian godEgyptian Hor or Har

    in ancient Egyptian religion, god in the form of a falcon whose eyes were the sun and the moon. Falcon cults were widespread in Egypt. At Nekhen (Greek: Hierakonpolis), however, the conception arose that the reigning king was a manifestation of Horus, and, after Egypt had been united by the kings from Nekhen, this conception became a generally accepted dogma. The first of the Egyptian king’s five names was the Horus name—i.e., the name that identified him with Horus. The hovering form of Horus depicted above a king’s head, sometimes portrayed as a winged sun disk, is that of Horus of Behdet, a town in the Nile River delta where the falcon god enjoyed a cult.”

  23. There is a big problem here. lol. Jordan clamims that “they are people that are ordained to rule” AN upper class of individualds to rule ME?! He can suck it! And as far as his research i have heard him say the word double cross came from the vatican courtyard with the union jack and i have heard him use it in the double cross of free masonry for the exxon logo. He is so full of crap its not even funny. He says the g in the freemason logo is for geometry not gnosis. AND HE ALWAYS SAYS NEVER TO FORGET IT! Blavastky created this whole root race crap and Hitler was an avid follower. Hmmmm. Thats someone I wanna follow. As far as Alex Jones. If you can sit there and listen to that toad talk about anything and believe it when you have such good info like HOTT then just go listen there because thats where you obviously belong. Alex is an idiot. Jordan is a liar and bullshitter pro. He gives that funny little face everytime he answers something. lol. watch Lucifer 2000. Blavadsky can eat it. Anyone who tries to desroy this country will be openly called out on it and taken down. Its all psyops and manipulation. Mainsource1, Your buddy Manly P. Hall even says in his book The Secret Destiny Of America that half truths mixed with half lies are more dangerous than lies because it lends credibility to one half and manipulate with the other. Something along those lines. You get the point. Gotta watch out who you listen to. ANd Alex?! TALKING SHIT!!! Im gonna have to make a bunch of flyers with his sorry ass exposed on it and put them aaaalllll over the place. That movie he did on COPMCAST?!!!! PATHETIC CRAP!!! HES ON TV!!!! WAKE UP! People can believe what ever thay want and do what ever they want as long as they arent hurting anyone or trying to take anyone else’s freedoms away as well. Seems like that rule dosent apply much any more.


  24. Are you guys even listening to me. Who cares about Jordan Maxwell. The only thing that really matters is god.

    All the answers to our troubles are in the holy bible. To defeat the illuminati and the mystery schools, we simply have to return to god’s law and stop obeying man’s law.

    The only way to defeat the NWO:


  25. ^Skywrath. No, im pretty sure we’re not. We’ve all heard of the Bible already and its not the topic.

    I’m done with this debate, this all started by me saying that Jordan is the only other researcher thats remotely worth listening to, and thats just my opinion. If anything i like him for entertainment value (although im bored with him at this point because he says the same damn thing in every interview/lecture that he has been for the last 10 years.) I don’t deny for a second that a lot of his stuff is bs, the word games and such, but since i’m not a VICTIM like most people i have no problem figuring the truth out for myself.

    And i would like to make my main point abundantly clear. Im sick and tired of people that claim to stand for freedom automatically labeling everyone whos beliefs don’t fit into their cookie cutter fundamentalist world view as an enemy. I think that the Constitution is the greatest attempt at government by man ever. So im down with that cause. But i also think christianity is a joke and i find a lot more truth Hermetic Science, Gnosticism, and other things you would label as “occult.” Oh well, thank GOD for that first amendment and that whole religious freedom thing that i thought you stood for. I’m not part of the illuminati, i just think your retarded.

  26. Man’s creations will always be man’s and un-appealing to YHWH- this is the true name of the Creator. jehovah ,lord,God, are false names given by superticious rabbis . YHWH the Father Yahshua the son who comes in YHWH’s name meaning YHWH saves. YHWH is the Christian’s Elohim.
    brothers and sisters there wasn’t a “J” in the english language 400 years ago. It was an “I” as in the 1611 , is you know someone that speaks german ask them to pronounce “jesus”.

    If you believe in YHWH’s word please stop reffering to YHWH and Yahshua as “God”, “Lord” “Jesus” “Christ”. at the very least these are watered down ways to refer to our Creator.
    go with YHWH’s blessings

  27. YHWH is a name, a name to a perpose as Rashi say’s “It’s to denote God in His Attribute of Mercy.” It’s an added name to the many names of God and is used in conjunction with other names such as El, Eli, Shaddai, Elohim ect…

    Why do you have such superstition as if the correct pronunciation of a word can bring you God’s favor? You do believe God exist before all things? Before the Universe, World, People and languages? Do you think he was speaking ancient Hebrew all those eons before the world came into being?

    Something tells me he doesn’t care about it too much, because if he did, we would know what those vowel points are. (to tell the truth even the consonants are a guess… a good guess… an educated guess….. sigh)

  28. In the end, death will be the ultimate truth. Until then, it’s all man’s creation to attempt to answer the unknown.

    Viva la libertà,

  29. People say it is YHWH, but as I agree with Phil, no one really knows if it really was a W. It could be YHVH. A lot has been lost and hidden over time.

    Here is the way I look at it. We do our best with what we have.

    For example, My dad. If I call my dad, dad, daddy, dada, poppi, father, Terry, Terrence, he will answer to anyone of them. He knows that I am talking to him.

    If we went to another land and lived, how his name is said would be different, Terencio or torrence etc. You get the point. It is the same person, just different ways to address him.

    I remember a guy said to me, you know why we don’t see healing today like we did in the Bible. It is because we don’t do them in his real name, Y’hashua.

    My response was, well, the only problem with that is I have prayed healing for people in the name of Jesus and I have seen miracle healings happen right before my eyes.

    Per Phil’s question:
    Did God speak Hebrew before the world was created? Well, according to Jewish tradition, yes. He used the Hebrew alphabet to create all things. We only know that he spoke things into being and we don’t know what language he used.

    Does God only speak Hebrew? I hope not. If He only spoke one language, well, seems that God isn’t all knowing.

  30. “Per Phil’s question:
    Did God speak Hebrew before the world was created? Well, according to Jewish tradition, yes. He used the Hebrew alphabet to create all things. We only know that he spoke things into being and we don’t know what language he used.”

    very funny TJ. thanks for the laugh.

  31. The Hebrew language proceeds from the Ancient Phoenician language.

    ps. If we were to believe in Jewish tradition then we’d also have to believe Jesus is in hell sitting in a pot of boiling feces and Mary is hanging at the gates of hell with hooks through her.

  32. Just because there are things in Jewish tradition that are wrong, doesn’t mean everything is. As you quoted Rashi who has some wild observations.

  33. All religion is garbage. Period. I firmly believe that. It is a load of ridiculous nonsense from beginning to end–all of it.

    Stay away from religion. It is extremely bad for your health.

    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

  34. Of course, we need to learn about religion so that we can combat it and those who are trying to kill us, but practicing a religion is our of the question for me.

  35. yeah your right. And people can practice what they wish and maybe it is all real. Maybe not. Like veritas said. Absolutley.

  36. John 8:23-24 (King James Version)

    23And he said unto them, Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.

    24I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.

  37. @Admin #2

    I’ve been checking back for the schedule, to hear your official answers in regards to Alex Jones’ lies and the week has past with no mention of Alex in the WWFRN schedule posts… Did I miss it? I hope not, I really wanted to hear what you guys have to say about it.