WWFRN Schedule for 02/22/11

At 21:00 EDT, please tune in for another blast from the past.  We’ll air Classic Cooper episode #1132 entitled “Relevance #1”.

At 22:00 EDT, please tune in for David Christopher’s A Healthier You.  Tonight’s program will discuss headaches.

To listen to the Hour of the Time – click here.


  1. I had a killer headache last night and I didn’t even hear the broadcast, so I will be sure to listen in today.

  2. Great broadcast, just listened to it in the HOTT Club.

    species Oblivious Americanus – haha good one!

    “I’m going to live my life in the truth. Whether any of you decide to do it or not I’m going to do it and I’m teaching it to my children and hopefully they will do it. And if there are just a few of us who can start that kind of thing again..maybe some of our children or grandchildren will have a chance at some kind of a decent future.”

    “Socialists suck…they’ll suck and suck until you have nothing left and then they’ll give it to everybody who doesn’t deserve it and then everybody will sit back and pretend to work while the Big State Socialist Big Brother will pretend to pay you…”