WWFRN Schedule for 02/21/11

Classic Cooper Mondays continue with “Man’s Rights by Ayn Rand”, originally #1179 in our catalog.  Remember to check out the HOTT shop!

Tune in at 21:00 EDT for this program.

Your health is very important too, so be sure to tune in at 22:00 EDT for the continuation of our 2010 review of David Christopher’s “A Healthier You”.  We’re already playing programs from May 2010, and tonight’s topic is “PH Factor”.  Please spend some time learning about your health on David’s websites here.  Tell him we sent you!


  1. That was a great broadcast! Thank you HOTT!

    I actually bought something from Dr. Christopher’s website and so far I really like it!

  2. Rand was insane, but some of her stuff was so right on the money it just can never be ignored. Great Classic Cooper material. Made me break out Atlas Shrugged and read Galt’s Speech again. Wow, what a writer!