Listen to the Hour of the Time on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Apart from downloading the podcast, here is how you can stream the World Wide Freedom Radio Network with WiFi (works with 3G but you need a healthy data plan as it will be approx 100mb per hour).

1. Search for Fstream in the app store (free)

2. Once it has installed, start it up and go to favorites on the bottom tool bar then press edit top left

3. This will bring up “add new web radio” press the green plus

4. Tap the blank pane and add “WWFRN” for name (without the “s of course)” for URL

“MP3” for format

“128” for bitrate (kbs)

Then press save top right then done top left. Press Play bottom left then tap WWFRN.

5. Enjoy

HOTT’s present for your holidays!


  1. now i need an app for my droid ,then i would be set.i will reccomend this app for my iphone friends. good job and happy new year

    • Try it again, as I’ve set this up on several devices now and it’s working great for all of the users I’ve helped out. Make sure you have a good wireless connection and that port 8068 isn’t blocked on your wireless router.

  2. Make sure the URL is entered correctly. The first try i missed one dash and it wouldn’t work. Also, make sure your cellular network connection is turned on if your not connected to WiFi. Tap the “more” option nest to “record” and under settings turn on cellular network.

  3. Cool, got it working!

    Make sure you put “:” before the 8068 and not “.” as I did at first!


  4. Alternatively you can.

    1. Download and run blackra1n (make sure your iPd Touch or iPhone is connected to your PC. http://blackra1n.com/

    2. Connect to your wifi network then use the Blackra1n App to install Cydia.

    3. Open Cydia and let it update. Cydia will then require a restart.

    4. Open Cydia and go to MANAGE then SOURCES then click EDIT then click ADD then type in repo.beyouriphone.com

    5. Once the source in installed click SEARCH and type in iMobileCinema and install it.

    You will now be able to listen to any streaming media through the Safari web browser.

    This plugin also allows you to download open source MP3’s through Safari but you will need DTunes (also available in Cydia) installed to listen to them.

  5. intangibleteknishun :
    now i need an app for my droid ,then i would be set.i will reccomend this app for my iphone friends. good job and happy new year

    you can stream on droid with xiialive live for free in the market. but I wish i could use google listen as i can download it and listen later so i can save may battery

  6. To get it on delirious, download an online radio player from the android market, press the search button and enter “the hour of the times” press select and save to favorites, that simple, I did it in 3min. Enjoy

  7. It does not ask for format or bitrate, only encoding. I don’t know where to go from here?

    • Found problem so please disregard previous request. This is the greatest! Thanks for your service!

      • Chuck,I am having the same issue that you encountered.How did you remedy this?..any help would be appreciated. Thanks

        • Hi Nigel, The stream is down right at the moment so even if you get your machine properly configured there’ll be nothing online at the moment. Wait for the post on the front page indicating the stream is back up and running and then try again.