HOTT Newslinks 01/02/2010

**As a side note, I watched the google video (referenced below) this morning, now it has been off-line most of the day, so you will have to keep trying
Obama Under Pressure to Quickly Reform Intelligence, Security Upon Return
From the piece: “In looking for a better way to share information and developing better detection techniques, managing the international aspects of this problem, we’ve simply got to give it a high priority, an urgent priority, because we know they’re coming after us,”
And:  “The Transportation Security Administration is also preparing to expand the use of the scanners in 2010 despite privacy concerns.”
Don’t cut your vacation short Feinswine: “Feinstein’s committee announced Thursday that it will hold hearings on the incident starting Jan. 21”
“This 2005 BBC Documentary however feels very neutral, honest and realistic about a problem —the reduction of sun light reaching the Earth’s surface— that is as fact as it is common sense, and whose solution (the reduction of pollution already taking place globally), paradoxically contributes to global warming. Yes, global dimming cools down the Earth and counteracts global warming, hence the growing instability of the climate caused by the two forces fighting each other.”
A: Can I borrow twenty dollars?
B: I only have ten
A: Hmm….well…OK, I’ll take ten but just remember you owe me another ten   dollars. You’ll pay me right?
B: Hold on. I think I have a ten in my other pants.
A: Good, I’ll take it. We’re straight now, right?
B: Whew! I’m glad we got that settled.
Democrats Join Calls for Napolitano to Step Down Following Failed Attack