Hour of the Time Skills and Research Conference Promo #4

Hello everyone!

Well, good news and bad news here…  We’re almost sold out now for the conference in September.  As of today there are only 5 vacancies left our of the 8 spots we recently added.  Please call 928-333-2942 in the USA or 613-733-4324 if you’re in Canada for more information.

Click here for more information.


  1. If I only had the means to get to AZ. Sounds like an awesome time. Hope all goes well!

  2. i dont know if this site i am typing to is the same that made the movie but on the biography you need to add that he was killed during a raid it was more than that it was some agencie who was hired by the gov. to do more than just shut him up but to do it forever

  3. I think he’s talking about the Hour of Our Time documentary. But his information is incorrect. From what I understand the governor didn’t “hire some agency” to hit Bill, it was the Apache County Sheriff’s Office (possibly, and this is my own opinion, doing the dirty work for the feds). And Doyel states quite clearly on camera that he was informed in no uncertain terms that the intent was to make sure Bill didn’t get back into his house alive.