NAS song about William Cooper

Please enjoy this song by Nas.

If you’re one of his friends, please have him contact us for an interview!  We’d love to hear why he’s included Bill on one of his songs…

Please be aware this song has adult only content in it. If you’re easily offended, please don’t listen!

We include a link to it here merely to show the wide ranging influence that Bill Cooper had.  We do not endorse the message, not do we condemn it.  As always, feel free to make your own judgment call!


  1. awakenedbybill, there is an abridged version of Pale Horse, as JaquesDeNoir mentioned. I downloaded it from Amazon, it’s about 3 and a half hours long. I use this text reading software a lot:
    It will even rip the audiotext to MP3. The speech is robotic but I still think it’s pretty cool and I burn whole ebooks to one mp3 CD.


  2. It looks like the problem may have been with the links I’ve included or the length of the post. I’m not sure, but here’s the last of it:

    I did find an old radio recording where Welles supposedly meets Wells for the first time ever.
    If you go to this site, notice the picture of Welles and behind him a poster of an eye and the letter “i” resembling an obelisk with the sun just above it.

    War Of the Worlds 1938 Broadcast:

    The New World Order by H.G. Wells pdf, published 1940:


  3. John’s comments here are more or less spot on in my opinion. This is not a slight to Cooper’s work in any way. Music affects people in different ways and I would not be surprised to hear that someone first found his message because of this song. How could that possibly be a bad thing?

  4. No one is interested in contacting NAS to see if we can get him on the show. I’m finished with this thread.

    Over and out,

  5. I contacted Def Jam, Ted. I’m not holding my breath.

    The HOTT crew might have more luck. Give it a shot, Doyel.

    100 comments. Amazing. Unprecedented. A milestone. A rap song.

  6. get off of nas’s tip ya need to go out and listen to some more hip hop like the roots a tribe called quest talib kweli and so on ya only on one song he wrote how about his underground i bet none of ya heard it and if ya wan’t some like nas listen to immortal technique.

  7. Keep in mind please that your HERO NAS is working for the same people that own ROCAFELLA records, DEF JAM, AFTERMATH, SHADY, G-UNIT, pretty much everybody; they’re UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP. Nas is undoubtedly a freemason who clearly shows his TRUE allegiances on this album and others. BEWARE THE FALSE MESSIAHS.

    Maynard James Keenan (false messiah) from Tool said it best in the song ‘Hooker with a Penis’
    – “All you know about me is what Ive sold you, Dumb fuck. I sold out long before you ever heard my name. I sold my soul to make a record, Dip shit, And you bought one.”

    – KNOW YOUR ENEMY, these people dont speak from our side

  8. It’s funny to read these post considering you guys are all missing the message behind this song and the whole album but I can’t fault you for that – I have long championed that white and black America are each micro societies which form a marco society.

    In this song Nas is discussing not being understood and having those who claim to understand you to testify for him. Every person he directly mentions in this song (and even on his album hence his song Louis Farrakhan”) is misunderstood. It is obvious that he that he is correct about how many commenters here misunderstand him. The larger idea of the album is being not understood and unabled to be categorized – hence the name “Untitled”.

    As for being un-American, Nas even mentions being sad about being burning his American flag – he doesn’t hate America, it is his home. He loves it. How he is hated in America because of being misunderstood by others – a feeling many ethnic groups (especially Black) and even William Cooper experienced.

    As for the Confederate flag, Nas makes it a point to show that those who champion that flag in modern times are usually affiliated with racism (especially in the South).

    I hope I could have enlightened a few of you but I realized that many of you will just ignore, negate, or hate my comments rather than see it is a chance to understand the misunderstood.

  9. I’m not sure what to think of Jay-Z and the free mason stuff and even though felt the wrath of that ether I’m still a fan of his work from reasonable doublt-black album and I still think he makes good music at times even though its a lil commercial

  10. Ok! Nasir Jones could be compared to guys like Che Guevara, Tupac Shakur, Milton William cooper, Jimmy Guieu… you see? First NAS is one of the most important writers of the last Century and the ONLY rapper now to question American Society!: ” America, this is not what you think it is…”…. Do you think Gay-Z and his Cockafella Records foes would write this?? Attempting Freemasonic Lodges meetings.. Think about it. Peace NAS

  11. I learned about Bill Cooper through another rappers song. His name is Ill Bill and the song is called Society is Brainwashed. Once the song mentioned the date that Cooper was killed on I immediately looked him up and have been listening to his work ever since.

  12. Nas put Gay-Z to death with Ether. Tupac would have done worse if he had lived.

    @Patsy, Ill Bill is dope, from Non Phixion. There is actually a rapper down with him named William Cooper. lol