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Updated : Monday, January 9, 2006 10:06 PM

Links are supplied that researchers have access to more information. Hour of the Time does not necessarily endorse, approve, or disapprove of any site linked from these pages. This is the age of deception. We are engaged in an information war. Links will take you to many other websites containing varying degrees of personal belief, religious dogma, truth, lies, misinformation, and disinformation. We urge you to practice due diligence in your quest for truth.

Free Masonry Watch

Free Press International

Get US out! of the United Nations

American Family Association

Excellent Mind Control Article Pt 1

Excellent Mind Control Article Pt 2

Excellent Mind Control Article Pt 3

The Chickenhawks

Radio Free Vermont

Freedom Above Fortune

WBCQ - The Planet

Jewish World Review

Judicial Watch


Keep and Bear Arms

Hard to Find Books

HOTT Models

HOTT Cartoons

George Bush: The

Conspiracy Planet - The Alternative News & History Network

How to buy American! An excellent resource

Reformed Theology

Click on "SRT Books"

Anti-Globalist Links

Jordan Maxwell's Website (interviewed on Mystery Babylon #23)
Some good articles to read through (This is a Christian Site)
Here's a good site that exposes the ecumenical movement and various cults. (Submitted by Rob T. from our New Age Expose series!)
This looks like it is the complete text of Alexander Hislop's book The Two Babylons. You can do a google search and just choose which site you want to use. (Submitted by Rob T. from our New Age Expose series!)
Here's another good site on exposing the ecumenical movement.
Preface to King-Kill/ 33 Here's the essay about the ritual murder of JFK by James Shelby Downard. (Submitted by Rob T. from our New Age Expose series!)
The Constitution of Athenians by Aristotle There is nothing new under the sun, and although this is not an easy read, it is the story of the birth of democracy, the tricks played upon the people to disarm them, the tyrants that forced democracy for the benefit of the people, and the problems that our founders saw why they created a democratic republic. (tyrants can be populists and accomplish good, I think Chavez maybe a modern day example)