HOTT Newslinks Oct. 13, 2008

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev calls for Europe to freeze out US
The Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev, has called on European leaders to create a new world order that minimises the role of the US.



North Korea reported ready to fire more missiles

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea has deployed more than 10 missiles on its west coast for what appears to be an imminent launch, a South Korean newspaper said on Thursday, two days after the North fired two short-range missiles into the Yellow Sea. It would be an unprecedented test if the North fired all of the surface-to-ship and ship-to-ship missiles, but intelligence sources quoted by the Chosun Ilbo paper said they thought the North may launch five to seven of them. The North has forbidden ships to sail in an area in the Yellow Sea until October 15 in preparation for the launch, an intelligence source told the paper. The North fired two missiles on Tuesday in routine military drills, South Korea’s defence minister said on Wednesday. “If the North fires a large number of missiles, it would be difficult to see it as routine exercise,” the source was quoted as saying.



U.S. Seems Set to Take N. Korea off Terror List



Bush Creates Council for Transition


This way, no matter who wins, everything can stay the same


Bailout bill loops in green tech, IRS snooping


The true cost could be 1.8 Trillion


Here’s a short list…..


Death and Taxes – Gordon Kahl documentary



PR Consultant Helped Palin Grab Spotlight



Probe Finds Palin Abused Power in Case of Trooper



Mexican marijuana cartels sully US forests, parks



Worst Week Ever: Dow, S& P Each Fall 18%



American soldiers are now deployed on American soil. It’s official now folks.
“They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control…”
“I don’t know what America’s overall plan is…said Army Col. Louis Vogler…”
Sadly, few people understand what is actually happening here today…few know what the “plan” is, but as it turns out, the “Conspiracy theorists” were right, but the people at large wouldn’t listen. The people were taught to ridicule “conspiracy” talk, as if the truth were ridiculous lies. War has been declared on the people of the united States by their very own elected officials. The war is, to a great degree, economic. They put that pyramid on the back of the dollar bill for a reason. As you watch your savings and your country’s economic system go down the tubes, you are quickly becoming an economic slave. The government and the media will easily manipulate “public opinion” against those of us who believe in the constraints of Constitutional government and the original structure that was created in this country so long ago, but has been taken from us. I said years ago that the “terrorist” of the “future” is an American standing with the Constitution in one hand and a rifle in the other…that “future” is here…NOW!



One indication that it is too late is the number of people who will receive this link and NOT take the few minutes it takes to actually watch it….. too much trouble…..I have spent my life trying to warn everyone I could, and sadly, I’m afraid I’ve wasted a great deal of it. Most people STILL won’t understand as all of this comes down. Please take the time to watch….



U.S. Allegedly Listened In on Calls of Americans Abroad





Here’s an interesting comparison…
from the Washington Post…


from Votesmart…


of course, this is their front page…



Fears of Recession Deepen Rout



Does anyone find it interesting that as a high school kid, I began to learn that there was a plan for a New World Order…but it’s only NOW that people like Glenn Beck are talking about it? I wonder how long before Beck “discovers” that 9-11 was an inside job…



“The other possibility discussed in the document is that the federal government will be forced to drastically raise taxes in order to pay off debts to foreign countries to the point that the American people will react with a popular revolution against the government.”
Now don’t we wonder WHY they let us get so deeply in debt to foreign countries?????



Iran, Venezula and now…..

“Israel and the US supported Georgia against Russia, and Syria thus saw a chance to capitalise on Russian anger by advancing its long-standing relations with Moscow,” said Taha Abdel Wahed, a Syrian expert on Russian affairs. “Syria has a very important geographical position for the Russians. Relations between Damascus and Moscow may not yet be strategic, but they are advancing rapidly.”



Is ACORN Stealing The Election?



Army’s Life-or-Death Drama



Russian Bombers Intercepted By Japanese Fighter Jets (Update2)



Global Rate Cuts Fail to Contain Crisis



Mystery Of That Missing SNL Bailout Skit Solved: NBC.com Took It Down For Legal Reasons; Has Put Up Edited Version Today



Pretty good doc, a little new agey but presented honestly.



Barney Frank’s Bankrupt Ideas



“We need a lot more in our toolbox in order to deal with angry people on the street,” said Col. Barry Johnson of U.S. Army North.”


How are these people going to eat? Unemployment insurance and welfare can’t last forever….


I NEVER thought it was a skiing accident…not from day one