HOTT Newslinks Oct. 14, 2008

Judge approves ACLU lawsuit against ATF



FCC Wants to Know If Gov’t Paid Military Officers To Sell War



US surrenders power to appoint World Bank president



Election ’08: Barack Obama lies about his ACORN past while agreeing to let the group shape the policies of his administration. He hopes his community organizer pals will help him make America “less mean-spirited.”



Subsidize Unemployment, Get More Of It



“If the supply of short term money freezes, then there goes the working capital. I can’t buy inventory or pay bills, and my customers can’t buy my products. This is not a good thing! “

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The Great Depression was not caused by the stock market crash of 1929…it was caused by the lack of money in circulation. This is very much like credit drying up (same). You can well imagine the implications of foreign markets, wary of our “promise to pay” (seeing as we are now over TEN TRILLION DOLLARS in debt), refusing the shipments we have become so dependent on. Welcome to the world of fractional reserve lending, finance capitalism, and interdependence, all rolled into one, like so many pigs in the mud. The united States of America’s independence was sold on the international markets. Like HOTT has said…do what you can in order to insure your survival for six months to a year…as I said several years ago…hang on tight, the ride’s about to get pretty bumpy.


NASA Center Reaches Out Across the Miles to Area Firms


Getting ready for another moon “landing”?