Equipment repairs – thanks for helping!

New 11/16/08 – Hello again everyone,  just wanted to put up a quick note here to say thanks to those folks who donated for these items.  We ended up with a $20 surplus for these two equipment repairs, so we’ll keep that allocated for future hardware needs.   We do need your continual support for the general costs of running the Hour of the Time however, so please continue to help if you can afford to do so!  Outright donations are great, but we do suggest you take a look at our various research materials and past programs on our HOTT Shop page, in case there is anything there that peaks your interest and is in your field of research.  


I know everyone hates to hear people asking for money.  We hate to ask for money even more than you hate to hear it!  

We have had some serious computer problems in the last few weeks.  The hard drive crashed on our main video production machine which cost $175 to replace. (UPDATE : 11/16/08 – THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DONATED FOR!  THANK-YOU VERY MUCH!)  Also, on the computer that sends our 24/7 feed for the World Wide Freedom Radio Network, we recently had an optical drive complete failure.  The new drive will cost us $145 to replace(UPDATE 11/15/08 – THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DONATED FOR!  THANK YOU!).  Many thanks to our computer repair technician who has donated his time to install these components for us.  All of the equipment we use to bring this website and our radio programs  to you has been donated by either Doyel or myself, and in a few instances – listeners to the program.  

Please, if you can afford to do so, click on the paypal donation link located on the right hand side of our webpage, right near the top of the page.  If you are able to donate the full amount for repairs, for either of these two problems, we will send you the entire 2008 Hott Conference videos when they are available (First quarter 2009).  Please ensure you send an e-mail to webmaster@hourofthetime.com after you have donated so that we have your contact information and can send these DVDs to you.

Thank you all for your support,

Robert Houghton + Doyel Shamley