WWFRN Weekend Schedule 05/07/11-05/08/11

We’re pleased to be re-airing all of the programs from this week!  Tune in to hear what happened at the HOTT Conference in PA, at our speaking engagements in Rochester and Flint and the nasty treatment HOTT received at airports and border crossings.  Don’t just tune in to hear us relate the bad news about the events that occurred – learn how you can assert your rights if you are ever in this type of situation!

Beginning 05/07/11 at 13:00 EDT and continuing through until 05/09/11 at 21:00 when Doyel and Rob will be concluding the border harassment series.

Please checkout our buddy Ted who has dedicated a song to our friend Jerry who has had some health issues recently but is doing much better now.  Thanks Ted!  Get well soon Jerry.


Have a great weekend,



  1. Thank You, TEAM HOTT for expressing to the audience detail information on your harassments. I could only imagine your frustrations. Take Care TEAM HOTT!

  2. Thank you for everything you do and for sharing what happened. I learned a lot from these broadcasts.

  3. Thankyou HOTT for sacrificing SO MUCH to help us out here in the east. I am sorry and saddened to hear of these harrASSments you all went through.

  4. If you want them to feel a little better about what they went through, why not throw them a donation for some other great research material; Federal Jurisdiction series comes to mind 🙂