Hello all,

We will be testing a backup server today and there will be interruptions to the stream throughout the day as our testing is going on.

A big thank you to those of you who call to let us know when the stream is down but please do not call or e-mail today as we’re aware of the situation!




  1. I guess this would be a good time to provide some info and entertainment for any survivalists out there in HOTT Land who might be interested…

    I just came back from a self-imposed urban survival test in Hong Kong, China.

    Three nights and three days wandering in a city and a country I have never been, without hotel rooms, without a plan, without creature comforts of any kind, the communist flag flying everywhere one looks, without knowing how to speak the language (though it is Hong Kong, an international city, and plenty of people speak English there) — just me and my little travel bag full of little goodies — most of which I didn’t even have to use. I just flew my ass out to the city on an airplane and let the adventure begin!

    I spent a little money and bought bottled, distilled water for drinking, instead of using up my water filtration kit. I saved that in case of a real emergency.

    I washed my clothes in a public rest room sink and dried them in the wind and the sun.

    I basically lived on the nuts and the water I was carrying in my travel case. Stocked up on some great fresh green vegetables at an open market I found in Tung Chung.

    I slept in a secluded, wooded area I found near Tung Chung. No one bothered me, I wasn’t seen unless I wanted to be seen or had to be seen, and when I was seen I blended in with the crowd and minded my own business. I didn’t get stopped by any cops or creeps. No problems with people of any kind.

    My first night I slept in a little wooded area I found near the airport. The next day, I was feeling great and wanted to get some exercise in, so I stepped up onto the skywalk and blended in with all the other folks who were jogging and doing their exercises and I got in some leg dynamics and muscle work.

    Hotel rooms and Disneyland are for careless women and their children and queer men who want to keep their cocks knocked in.

    Exercising On the Skywalk Near the Airport

    Leg Dynamics

    Hong Kong — Vibrant and Beautiful! (Had to sneak into Kowloon real quick and take my pic with the mighty Bruce Lee, of course! Always wanted to see that statue.).

    And then home again, home again, jiggety-jig!!!!!!!!

    Home?! Where’s that?! Somewhere in the world, I guess.

    Remember, kids, always do that which is socially horrifying — and let the rest of the world suck on it and savor the flavor!

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