WWFRN Schedule for August 4th, 2009

NEW HOTT SHOW Tuesday night!  Robert Houghton discusses Masonic and Alchemical Symbology in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story “The Birthmark”.  The call in number will be open at 9:45pm for your comments in the last 15 minutes of the show!  Phone in and make your voice heard! 1-613-733-4324.


  1. Also, note that the telephone is to Canada. Even though there is only 15 minutes and it shouldn’t cost to much money to call if you are in the USA or the US.

  2. I did not hear this show yet, but I’ve been wanting to mention symbols and agenda type messages I’ve run into in this video game I’ve been playing. It’s a very popular one called, Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls IV.


    Anyway, three things in the game really made me take notice.

    1. A character name Glarthir – paranoid type who thinks secret societies are out to get him. You eventually have to kill him in the game. The character has a receding hariline like Bill had (no disrespect to Bill!) and the name Glarthir some like Cooper or even Bill Cooper said really fast to me.

    2. “The Nine”, the holy or divine entities in the game. I’ve heard Bill Cooper mention the nine families that are behind the scenes calling the shots. Who knows…

    3. This is the thing that made me really suspect the fist two things I noticed. You encounter a “Hisp” plant which is supposedly an abomination of nature. You have to destroy it because some folks use the extract from the plant and they hallucinate among other things. Your character in the game takes the Hisp extract and kill innocents. Anyway, the “Hisp” plant looks just like the Hemp plant!! Hemp is the most beneficial plant to human-kind! You can use it for food shelter and clothing! WTF, that shit really made me take notice about this game’s subliminal message it contains. Remember when they tried to say that smoking weed causes you to worship the devil and kill innocents as a way to ban the substance? Piece of shit game!!

  3. I should proof read better before I post…

    1. A character name Glarthir – paranoid type who thinks secret societies are out to get him. You eventually have to kill him in the game. The character has a receding hariline like Bill had (no disrespect to Bill!) and the name Glarthir SOUNDS like Cooper or even Bill Cooper said really fast to me.

  4. I just did a Google search for “why would any Americans hike into Iran?”

    Something tells me these three Americans are not your average hikers…

  5. JC, Americans hiking to Iran are rarely “average hikers”. The CIA has been running black ops there for a long time, probably still doing it today.

  6. Yeah I but I used to be a sheople so this stuff is amusing and frightening at the same time. 😛

  7. Damn, I had to stop reading after the first few paragraphs. Not because it was boring, but I just had to. I copy and pasted it and emailed it to myself so I can print it out tomorrow at work.

  8. Yeah I know. We use this bullshit company called Websense to see what site THEY judge to be appropriate. Websense claims that HOTT contains hate and racism. I told my security admin about and it and he checked out the site and he also said that Websense is basically full of shit. But he has bosses to answer to and so he couldn’t change the policy for me. A week later he stopped by my cube to let me know that Websense blocked a PBS radio stream. Websense refused to reclassify the PBS site. A PBS site!! I don’t give a shit though, I view HOTT at home now.

  9. Just a note about symbolism. Many companies use graphic design artists or marketing companies to design their brand and logos for them.

    Some of these companies have no idea they were designed “symbols” that are “illuminati” and/or Masonic.

    It seems they are flooding the business place with symbols on any business they can. I was at Old Navy the other day and they have the doubleheaded bird with 33 in the center on a tshirt.

    Its getting harder to tell these days who is who based on symbolism in website and corporate logos.

  10. anyone post a link to this show yet?i would like to hear the broadcast.thanks

  11. TJ, I had that same thought. I have met Tim Larkin and all of his crew in person on many occasions, and I don’t see them involved in the Mysteries at all. It is highly likely that he did not invent the logos at all. I am, however, going to ask him about it just the same. Of course, if he is projecting symbolism, he will deny it. If he is not, he might get a good chuckle out of my theory. Either way, it will be interesting to hear what he has to say about it. I’d like to hear the story.

  12. Now, here’s a note from Kevin Courtois, the guy who is pushing the Civil Flag symbolism all over the country. I got this message from him this morning. Pay special attention to the end of the note, where he starts talking about the reason why he pushes the Civil Flag. Excellent explanation. I do it for the same reason he does it; for protest, and causing people to take notice and ask questions.

    This is one of the reasons I think it is so incredibly important for people in the Patriot Community, especially it’s leaders, to reach out to each other and pull together in times like these. We see government reaching further and further into our everyday lives with every day that passes, and they aren’t backing off one inch. Well, when they tried that bullshit with the MIAC report during the recent Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference, everyone got mad and called and raised hell with the authorities — and they all backed off — BIG TIME — and FAST! You can see what happens when we pull together and get together on an issue. And it all happens very quickly.

    They aren’t as powerful as we give them credit for. The most they have on us is fear and propaganda. All of that can be shattered in an instant.

    Anyway, there’s my two-bits, and here’s the letter from Kevin:

    “The Civil flag was used in a  T.V. series called  Jericho, which is about a post apocalyptic America which has been devastated by a series of Nuclear attacks.  The flag shows up at the start of season 2 and is used by an evil American faction attempting to take-over the remnants of the country.  The show mysteriously went off the air a few weeks later abruptly, maybe there is some help from above. Although I do agree at times the best press is any press, like with the recent  MIAC report that said;” The report concludes the  Gadsden Flag , US Civil Flag, an upside down US flag,  Sons of Liberty Flag  and/or the US Naval Jack are symbols used by potential terrorists”. Alex Jones also gave me some air play when he mentioned the MIAC report and that the Civil Flag was an image used by potential domestic terrorists on his show.
       “There was an immediate upswing of protest by patriots around the country and the report was retracted and that was the end of that attempt for now to manufacture scapegoats for the state and  Federal government  to seize more power. Colonel Donn de Grand Pre, the author of Barbarians inside the Gates, and a former member of the Joints Chiefs of staff, told me two years ago that the troops were going to be brought back home to defend the borders against the invading mexican gangs and take down Blackwater. He also told me there would be no war in  Iran , that FEMA is not the military, that the military would stop and nuetralize FEMA and any UN troops. Colonel Donn de Grand Pre, died in January, he is survived by his wife and daughter.
        “In the  2009 Liberty bowl the correct version of the Sons of Liberty flag is painted in the end zone. This image is based on the vertical striped “Rebellious striped flag”, flown during the stamp act and possibly the  Boston Tea Party . On the web the idea that the Sons of Liberty flag is a vertical striped flag only is obfuscated. If you type in a google search, on the front page they have  4 different versions of the Sons of Liberty flag. If you click the top link you get a commercial website selling a horizontal version of the Sons of Liberty flag with the text from below.  
    This was the flag of the early colonist who had joined together in the protest against the British impositions on American economic freedom. One such protest was resistance to the Stamp Act, on October 7, 1765. A delegate from each of the nine colonies formed the ” Stamp Act Congress ” . They petitioned the king and parliament, the act was repealed on March 18, 1766. The flag of nine red and  white stripes  that represented these ” Sons of Liberty ” became known as the “Rebellious Stripes.” On December 16, 1773, the Sons of Liberty protested the parliament’s Tea Act, an action that became known as the  Boston Tea Party . The colonists’ believed the tax to be a violation of their legitimate economic liberty. Three and a half years after the Tea Party the  thirteen colonies  had come together in their decision to fight for independence and the nine stripes had grown to thirteen. The Sons of Liberty would rally under a large tree which became known as “The  Liberty Tree “.
         “The description above is correct, but the flag is wrong all wrong. There never was a horizontal Sons of Liberty flag,at-least none that were associated with the stamp act. The facts are that there is a real legal difference between the vertical striped flag and a horizontal one .  This does not mean you can go running into a court and ask them to remove the flag and replace it will a Sovereign flag. That will not change the nature of the court, that is a cosmetic change. What the symbols do tell you is who is in control and what the rules of the game are. If you are in a court of Admiralty and you argue the Constitution, you have already lost before you have started. It is the lack of correct knowledge that prevents someone from  making the right choices and leaves one in a state of fear, because one  is confused and does not know whether to turn right or left. The brain only operates with yes or no commands, it does not know I don’t know that is read as a no or worse, it goes crazy trying to find a solution that does not exist, wasting energy and creating stress for the individual. The true power of those that control the system is in the power of their propaganda. It is the people themselves that comply with the directives of the very people that are working against them.   The U.S. Civil Flag as a symbol breaks the grip of the Wizard of OZ. You are forced to make a decision in your mind when you see a competing image. There is a question that is posed sub-conciously to the meaning of the image. The Vertical striped reverse  American flag image  by itself can wake people up! That is why I got into the marketing of the Civil flag, I understand the power of the symbol to wake up America. You never need to like or accept the meaning of the Civil flag, it is enough for people to know that there is a second choice to the blind obedience to leaders that are in opposition to the true Spirit of the principals of the Founders.”

    All Rights Reserved,

                                  Kevin Courtois

  13. A local company had some the nike type symbol in their logo and I asked the lady I knew who created it.

    She said it was some company they used that designs logos. Thats how I started to learn about that.

  14. Very nice info Ted.

    I was saying you lost me when you mentioned “triple phallic symbol” and “upside down delta/vulva triangle.” To me it looked like a variation of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kun Do symbol using the Yin Yang.

  15. Great stuff, JC. I didn’t realize Bruce Lee’s logo was like that until you said it. Wasn’t paying attention. Bruce Lee kicks ass! I’ve got all of his films and some of his books. I don’t practice Jeet Kune Do or Combat Ju-Jitsu anymore however. Found something that works much more efficiently for protecting self and loved ones.