WWFRN Schedule for August 19th, 2009

The Hour of the Time at 9pm will be airing part 6 of Bill’s famous “Lost Light” series.  Please enjoy it, and remember we are listener supported.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy either of our two new DVD releases, The Fourth World, or John Daniel’s 4 DVD set.  Visit the HOTT Shop for more details.  By donating for these DVDs you help to support this cause, plus you get great products!

At 10pm, please tune in for another great episode of James Jankiewicz’s “The Inner Athlete”.  Tonight’s brand *NEW* episode is entitled “Functional Training”.  Don’t forget to visit his website here and read some of his health articles!

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  1. Thanks, ive been wanting to hear the Lost Light series for awhile. Im gonna be purchasing all the mystery babylon cds in about a month so ill get them anyway but thanks again cause ive been fiending for some old episodes that i havent heard yet.

  2. A good friend of mine, who builds guitars, amplifiers, bicycles, and other goodies up in Canada, who was born and raised in a communist country, who despises collectivism of any kind, who has been depressed these last couple of months, has now come out with his latest anti-commie rant on our guitar forum.

    As always, Alex is offensive, belligerent, truthful, and entertaining, all the great things I aspire to be, and so I thought to share his rant with you here. Hope you enjoy it…
    I am glad to hear from some of you again. Others have just disappeared and most likely are back to playing PRS and resumed their memberships in all the guitar forums to chat with individuals equal in intellect.  Oh, well … I tried.  Can’t win them all. Some are just unreachable.
    Good to see Ted is doing fine. You noticed the gridlock happening in the American communist revolution they are attempting. What an amateur piece of work it is. This is the time they must bring in force. If this is not done, it will go nowhere and the administration will go down as the biggest failure in presidential history, just a disgrace. Only an amateur would attempt to establish communism and not use all out force to do it. Its impossible without it. There is no middle ground. All weapons must be seized immediately and then anyone in opposition must be silenced or eliminated. Bringing in communism through quasi-democratic means is absurd and unworkable. A domestic security force must be set up immediately. The enemy of the new America is within. The biggest war is domestic. Its painful to watch these amateurs lose such a great opportunity. Fidel must be rolling his eyes. He knows how to do it.
    Speaking of war, finally we have a good war going on. Liberal War protesters are now content and happy because the war now is D approved.
    Yes, socialized health care is the single most effective means by which a population can be controlled and political power indefinitely assured. In Canada any hint of privatization of health care is met with a virtual uprising from an otherwise very apathetic and subdued population who are unable to even get colonoscopy.
    For those of you who are well read and know your world history and politics, you will know that we had the real deal in Canada in 1968. His name was Trudeau and they called it Trudeaumania. Unlike what you have now, as Jackie Mason puts it, the doorman for Wall street, Trudeau was no phony and he wasn’t a manufactured dummy. He was a very smart rich boy from Montreal who spend his early years in private schools around the world and living the life of privilege and wealth, wallowing in idealism with visions of social engineering. He somehow got a real attraction for communism early on, as only rich boys can. Poor people don’t gravitate to communism for some reason, only rich kids do. He said he will bring on major change and he meant it. The difference is that he had the intellect to do it. Trudeaumania took over, and lasted not 6 months, as in your case, but for some 19 years. Trudeau transformed Canada into virtual communism and the safe haven of thousands of American draft dogging lefties who ended up controlling academia as they always do.
    One of Trudeau’s best friends was Fidel Castro, where he took his family to vacation regularly. Trudeau said that he will take a conservative white Anglo Saxon bastion as Toronto was always and make it unrecognizable and forever transformed to liberalism. This he did. He also built up a huge government bureaucracy where a large part of Canada was employed by the Federal government, given titles, phony usefulness and living on shameful welfare. He is also responsible in requiring that half of every piece of packaging in Canada is written in French. He also brought the metric system in but only partially. I like the metric system and work in it exclusively.
    He did most things he set out to do. Once its done, there is no going back. He knew it. Toronto is no longer white or conservative. Neither is Montreal. Although such a forced political transformation is much easier done in a country like Canada. This is because its hard to find a guy like Ted in Canada. Teds simply had gone extinct decades ago. They won’t even let Ted Nugent hunt up here. I think the name Ted is not permissible in Canada. Just ask the Nuge how he feels about Canada.
    I had the pleasure of getting a visit from Roger a few weeks ago. To my surprise in reality he is clean cut. I was shocked. He wears a tie and works at a bank 9-5. What an act he puts on and the girls just eat it up all over.
    I have been depressed for the last few months and really didn’t think I could pull off this latest Z. It was a monster undertaking with only imagination and God guiding me. I had no idea what I was doing. I did things which I thought may work but was totally unsure and had endless doubts. God then took over and took the tools out of my hands and showed me what to do. The stuff worked and I have no idea how. I will not try to uncover the secret, after all I am just a spectator in all of this.
    It will take me a few days to put up the pics.
    The only problem being that its going to a guitar collector who already owns 3 Z guitars and one Z bass. Talk about senseless self indulgence and wastefulness. I doubt it will ever be played.   What can I do? I need the money.   Oh well, I predict Orlando will most likely end up buying it eventually anyway in mint condition.
    Its 3 am, time to start playing.

  3. I agree. Not fun at all, unless it was dropped on Washington DC.

    What would be fun however is if they drop that bomb on London, and another one on Israel.

  4. Ted, that still isn’t fun. There are still a lot of innocent people in those cities. Don’t get carried away and start thinking like those that want to destroy us.

  5. You only need to think like they do to understand what they are doing and will do. If you think like they do to become like them, then you are no better then what you think you are fighting.

    Then what you want done to them, you deserve to be done to you.

  6. You only need to think like they do to understand what they are doing and will do — so I can do it to them before they do it to me.

    Innocents, especially the innocents, are always going to get hurt in war. Always have, always will. There is nothing that can be done about that.

    And you are right. I am no better than they are.

    And I thank you for that compliment.