WWFRN Schedule for 08/27/10

Join us tonight at 9pm EDT for a new episode of the Hour of the Time.  Tonight, Robert Houghton will be discussing the new 6 DVD set “Cooper in California : The Porterville Presentation”, and playing excerpts from the 12 hour DVD presentation.

To donate to receive your own copy of this set, simply visit our shopping cart here!

At 10pm EDT, please join us for a brand new “A Healthier You”, where David and Fawn Christopher will discuss “Nuts”.

Enjoy the broadcasts folks!


  1. I don’t know about you guys….but I’m a ROB man now! Seriously, he sounds awesome.
    Not that Doyel doesn’t rule…but he’s Doyel. Everybody’s doing the Doyel thing now: no-nonsense approach, passel of irretutable facts, refreshingly straight answers to questions you haven’t posed yet. With the exception of the facts, Doyel invented the reality show before show-watchers even knew what reality WAS (or that there was one beyond the limited scope of Sheople Radar).
    I’m starting a whole tweet/farcebook/blog/protest page asking that Doyel be officially reprimanded by the Office of Budget and Management, reduced in rank to 3 shows per week instead of 5, and that Rob be granted a $10 billion stimulus grant to expound upon his friendly/throaty message…with the understanding that the Waffen SS will be ultimately responsible for policy decisions.
    (sorry, I was thinking administratively about the Michigan Militia)
    Rob – great job!
    Doyel – train Rob to call us all boneheads. I miss it already 😉