WWFRN Schedule for 06/14/11 – Cooper classic and new Healthier You!

At 21:00 EDT, we’re pleased to present another never before re-aired classic Hour of the Time Episode entitled “Militia – You are not alone”.

At 22:00 EDT, we’ve got a new episode of “A Healthier You” with David Christopher.  Tonight David will be discussing “Bleeding, Fibrosis, Polyps”.

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  1. A is A ladies and Gentlemen. Our rights delegated to us through the constitution does not rely upon ones own means or ideas of citizen ownership of armor. Your rights within this country does not rely on the fear by which the government would like to create. Sales to Mexico, Sales to Iran, these are quite frankly issues upon which do not concern those that hold freedom above their own desires and worries. I thank the individual upon which derive their own meaning of freedom that extense to all, rather then their own self interest. Gun Control, there is no such phrase within the lexicon that should be prescribe to the free thinking Individual. From the depts of humanity are drawn the meaning of freedom and to me there is no higher meaning then the freedom then to defend ones self. It is not a matter of if or when but rather a matter of right to ones own perception of the existence that we most certainly find ourselves in. It is the idea that freedom does not rely on ones own perception of who should own what but upon the perception of the individual to own whatever protection they see fit, anything that limits anyones own right to there own protection is a false manifestation where upon the protection of your own rights do not belong to the individulual but to the collective at large.