WWFRN Schedule for 05/03/11 – New show tonight!

Hello everyone,

Please tune in at 21:00 EDT tonight on the stream for some highlights from the recently held Pennsylvania conference.  Rob and Doyel discuss the great week we had in Stroudsburg, PA.

Normally at 22:00 we air an episode of David Christopher’s “A Healthier You”.  Tonight, by special request, we’re pleased to re-air part 4 of William Cooper’s interview with Linda Thompson, where they discuss the events at Waco, TX.  This program was aired last Friday but due to problems with the stream, many of you were not able to tune in.

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Great show, guys.

    Congrats on the longuns in Canada.

    Most excellent discussion on target-focused training.

    Sounds like you had a great one in PA. Wish I could have been there.

    I love the sound of how the conference is organized and run.

    De Oppresso Libre, gentlemen.

    Rock on.

  2. And I forgot to mention your discussion on Sovereign Movement, which was outstanding. One of the best explanations I have ever heard. People need to get behind this movement in any way they can, i.e., become Sovereigns themselves, offer financial support, disseminate information — whatever way you can help, folks, please do! This is where it’s at. This is the solution to the vast majority of our political and national problems. And once again, in using this method, we can achieve Freedom in our lifetime — without even breaking a sweat or anyone having to get killed. If people are looking for a peaceful solution to our problems — here it is.

    And this is what I, personally need most of all — the how-to. Very intriguing and masterful presentation, gentlemen! I am so pumped to hear that you guys are teaching this material! As usual, a masterpiece and a HOTT Classic!

    Absolutely loved the show!

    A home run!!!!!!!

  3. It was a great show and I enjoyed hearing about the conference, but what’s the bad news?