WWFRN Schedule for 04/04/11

Hello everyone,

Well, April brings upon us the anniversaries of a lot of important events in fairly recent history.  We’ll be playing some Cooper Classics this month about some sad moments – the murder of the Branch Davidians at Waco Texas, and the events surrounding the Oklahoma City bombing.

Tune in tonight at 21:00 EDT for Bill’s first program about Wako.

At 22:00 EDT  we’re now onto some new programs from David Christopher from the School of Natural Healing.  Please join us for tonight’s Healthier You topic, “Fluoride”. David’s websites can be accessed by clicking here.

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  1. HOOOOOOOO-doggie, tonight’s show brings back a few things. I never did a follow-up on the poison milk and a cursory search turned up nada, but I’d be curious to know.
    I remember, before the advent of the web, searching the reference section of the library and the magazine racks in total amazement that the Hour of the Time was not just reporting to/reacting to the headlines, but actually transforming them and making the powers shift their strategies. Hardly anyone believed me then (even after the X-files committed the greatest plaguerism known to man) and they probably still don’t. If Moses was 40 years in the wilderness before parting the sea and Abe Lincoln lost about half a dozen elections before becoming president, then I’d like to say that all the critical prep work…the grunt work, if you will…of today’s HOTT is just about to pay off.
    Great work guys, yesterday and today. And thanks for the show!

  2. This is the first time I hear this like most of the other broadcasts. Thank you HOTT!

  3. they still do fluoride rinse in elementary schools on a volentery basis . unfortunately most parents are clueless about the dangers and dont opt out . primery care doctors have tryed to recommend it as do the dentist will give prescriptions for fluoride.

  4. I love that show on the Waco massacre. Killing innocents and taking things that don’t belong to them is all the BAT Faggots know how to do.

    I remember watching the Waco massacre unfold before my eyes. I didn’t understand everything that was happening back then, but I remember all they said about Koresh and the Branch Davidians and I knew better than to trust the media on anything they say, so I didn’t.

    I was standing there watching live television when the Branch Davidian buildings started burning. The media said they had started themselves on fire. I remember thinking, ‘Wow! Now, that takes a set of balls to do a thing like that! Light themselves on fire?!!!!!!! Holy suicide, Batman, what a grisly way to go!’

    ‘But wait a minute… why would they all choose go so painfully and make all the children suffer so badly? According to the media, they’ve got a ton of guns in those buildings. Why didn’t they just shoot everyone inside the building, shoot all the kids and the women and anyone who is not able to do it themselves — and then shoot themselves? It would have been a lot less painful than burning themselves and it’s not like they didn’t have an opportunity to do it. I know, that’s what I would have done. I know I wouldn’t have stood there waiting for my skin to start melting.

    ‘Why did they hold out all this time and then suddenly decide to burn themselves up? Why didn’t they do this right away when they found themselves under seige? Ran out of food and other options perhaps?’

    So many questions and observations I had had at that time. Most of them are answered now and the story now makes sense.