WWFRN Schedule for 03/29/11

Tonight at 21:00 EDT, please tune in for a Classic Cooper episode!  Tonight’s program is entitled “Public Notice #2”.

We continue our review of last year’s Healthier You programs at 22:00 EDT with tonight’s topic “True Pain Relief”.  David’s websites can be accessed by clicking here.

We’re nearing the end of the year of last year’s Healthier You programs, so there will soon be several new episodes with David and Fawn!

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  1. Missed the broadcast tonight due to travel but have a Quote of the Day:
    “We get nothing but pushback from these guys.” –
    Missouri State Senator Pierce when asked about the implementation of Obamacare in Missouri, 3/29/11

    I was amazed at the feelings of consolidarity in my capitol on the issue of the fed, the economy and especially the current administration. Perhaps an even better quote, which I can’t remember word for word, was like cold water in the face of We the People: (paraphrasing) “Where have you guys been? We don’t hear ANYTHING from our constitutents on these issues.”

    All this on a state-sponsored tour of the capitol, free and markedly unattended…

  2. These archive Bill Cooper broadcasts are outstanding!

    So much important information in them few know about today and even fewer know about back when they were originally broadcast.