WWFRN Schedule for 03/15/11

In light of the massive amounts of e-mail we’ve been receiving regarding the situation in Japan, we’ve chosen to interrupt the Asset Protection series and run a broadcast we did from last year entitled “Gas Masks – Numerous Deadly Scams on the Market”.  Normally the research offers are only valid on the original air date, but for tonight we’re making them available here. So be sure to tune in for this broadcast at at 21:00 EDT.  (The bonus materials include 3 pdfs detailing the following : Book 1 – Guidelines for Responding to and Managing a Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorist Event Prepared by:  U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command (SBCCOM) Domestic Preparedness Chemical Team, Book 2 – Official Government and Military spreadsheet of agent types, transmission, rate of action, symptoms and treatments plus much more data, Book 3 – An Hour Of The Time and Veritas News Service Exclusive showing the defective gas masks and canisters commonly sold on the market with pictures and descriptions.  These masks and canisters not only LACK any protection but can be dangerous in and of themselves.)

At 22:00 EDT, you’ll be able to hear David Christopher’s “A Healthier You” where tonight’s topic is “Lyme’s Disease”

Tune into the stream here!

Remember that these broadcasts are repeated on the stream until 21:00 the following day, so if you miss out on the prime time airing, you can always tune in throughout the day.  On the odd hours you’ll hear HOTT, on the even hours you’ll hear “A Healthier You”.   Enjoy – and please pop by the HOTT shop and see if anything tickles your fancy!