WWFRN Schedule for 03/02/11

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Please tune in for another Classic Cooper broadcast tonight at 21:00 EDT with Part 2 of “Asset Protection”.

Please keep in mind that this series, like many other broadcasts we have run are from years gone past.  Although many of the precepts, principals and ideals of asset protection, trusts, off-shore accounts, etc. are still fundamentally the same, there are some differences and changes that have occured over the past several years that can hinder your endeavors.  Through the passage of often illegal draconian legislative acts, administrative codes and illegally entered upon treaties, many of the long-standing principals of security, privacy and sanctity have been vanquished.  For fully up to date asset protection strategies look to the 2011 HOTT Conferences for the newest changes that effect your ability to preserve your wealth, privacy and posterity.
At 22:00 EDT, please tune in for another episode of David Christopher’s “A Healthier You” where tonight’s guest is Mark Basil.  This originally aired June 12th, 2010.
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Hour of The Time



  1. I liked bills discription of Slackjawed, blabbermouths… its a trait I suffer from… and it really is not good… The Navy has a saying …. Loose lips sink ships… Anyways Keep up the good work.