WWFRN Schedule for 02/04/10

Hey folks!

Thanks for all of your kind e-mails over the last 2 weeks. Seems like you are enjoying the Classic Cooper! We’re very happy about that. Everyone needs some time to reflect on what once was and enjoy the “good old days”. We’ll be dusting off the microphones here at HOTT next week and we’ll be doing some new broadcasts which we hope will inspire you to action. The time for resting has come to an end!

Tonight at 21:00 EDT we’ll be airing the conclusion to yesterday’s broadcast! Part two of Bill’s interview with Dr. Gene Schroeder. Tune in!

At 22:00, we’ll continue our review of the content aired on “A Healthier You” during 2010. David’s onto some more great information with tonight’s episode entitled “Fish Farms”. This broadcast originally aired on 02/20/2010.