WWFRN Schedule for 02/17/11 plus DVD giveaway!

Here’s a good one from the old days – another Cooper classic!

#1009 in our catalog – “Art Babbling “B.S.” Bell”.  More fun stuff from Bill. Remember to pop by the HOTT shop and donate for some great research material.

Tune in at 21:00 EDT for this program.

At 22:00 EDT, please tune in for our continuation of the entire last year’s “A Healthier You” broadcasts.  Tonight we’ll be replaying “DSSA_Senate_Bill_3002” from March 13th of 2010.  Visit David’s websites here.

The first listener to correctly identify the two filler songs we use this evening (one at the end of the Hour of the Time, and the other at the end of A Healthier You) will receive John Daniel’s 4 DVD presentation from the HOTT Conference 2008.  HOTT Canada will mail these discs to you postpaid if you simply listen in, and answer correctly!  You must e-mail or call the Canadian studio with your CORRECT answer at webmaster@hourofthetime.com or 613-733-4324.  You must also include an e-mail address and your full mailing address in the message or the prize will be given to the next person in line.


  1. Another great broadcast! There is so much disinformation and misinformation out there it’s unbelievable. HOTT remains one of the few bastions of truth and real information as opposed to infotainment and lies.

  2. @Angelo
    Go to “listen here,” then follow the directions there. It should open up in itunes and play for you. Check the website announcements for the current schedule, but the stream is on 24/7 with different broadcasts by Bill, Doyel, and A Healthier You. You can listen all day long! I’m not completely sure how the schedule works. I know Monday is usually Classic Cooper Monday, but we’ve had many Cooper broadcasts on other days also lately starting at 9 pm ET, so I just check the website for announcements or tune in to see what’s playing.

  3. remember being 14 or 15 listening to art baal.
    even then thought most of the people calling in were full of shit.

  4. So I wonder who won the John Daniels DVDs? I got all excited at first because I thought they were giving away the secret to making JACK Daniels.

  5. Thanks Lana…..so it is just the online broadcasts then? Are there any new shows? OH and if you guys wanna hear some good music….Just click my NAME.

  6. @Angelo
    Yes, there are also broadcasts on the website in different categories to the right, like under Hour of the Time, Doyel Shamley, Classic Cooper, and A Healthier You. There are also broadcasts on the stream, most of them old, but I’m sure many of them will be “new to me” and other newcomers ;). New broadcasts are usually announced on the website, about 1/2 hr to an hour before showtime and are repeated after that.

  7. @Lana Thank you…..I had that much figured out. I just wanted to know because I haven’t been able to get in touch with Doyel for a few days and I sent him a copy of my album so he could play it during his show. I wanted to get to hear it.

  8. Oh and just to let you guys know…..For anybody who wants a copy of the Lost Sons of Heaven album,”One Day”….if you get in touch with me and tell me that Doyel sent you I will either email you the MP3s of the album and the Album cover(which Doyel said the cover is,”A nickle bag of FUNK!”), or if you want a hard copy then it’s just 5 bucks more….but I am donating a dollar from the sale of each copy to the Hour of The Time. So if you’d like 21 tracks of instrumental greatness and also donate to the Hour of The Time please let me know….and if you’d like a sample….just click my name and it will take you to my music page and you can listen to 10 of the songs on the album there for free. I saved the best beats for those who actually buy the album.

  9. Hey Angelo. I don’t know much but I do know that Doyel talks his walk and is WAY locally active and is either traveling or kicking ass at home. I only throw this out because I know for a fact that if he can he’ll answer stuff and if he can’t then we should understand that by now (fondly reminds me of his predecessor, who would frankly be amazed at the effectiveness Doyel manages through Coordination). He’ll get back to you, he always does. Meanwhile, check out “Coordination: a Strategy for Local Control”. It’s amazing to the point of tempting me to move next to a national forest just to pick a fight!
    (talk to Doyel about ordering the workbook; it’ll help the Cause AND blow you away)

  10. LOL I KNOW…..I love Doyel. He is just hella busy that is why I was asking you guys….LOL cause I know you guys know. He always gets back to me when he can. Doyel is an O O O O O G. For real. That’s why I am donating a dollar out of every album sold from here to the Hour of The Time. To me he is like my brother. He has blessed me in many ways during the short time we have talked. He is so very intelligent. I look up to him.