WWFRN Down for a few hours starting at 9:30 PM.

Hey everyone,

We have some upgrades to be done on the streaming machine tonight, so we’ll be down for a few hours.  I’ll post a notice when the upgrade are done!

Thanks for your understanding!



  1. Rob Rob Rob,

    Why don’t you guys get your act in gear and make sure we can listen to the stream FOR FREE, ALL THE TIME, without these annoying “maintenance” windows? Kidding of course, keep up the good work!

  2. I’ve often thought that it would be nice if you guys could make a point to announce the date of your future broadcasts. There are so many now and when I hear an old one I wonder what day and year it occurred. What do think about that? Have you considered it?

    Thanks for everything, you guys are the best and your archived content is phenomenal!