The Inner Athlete – Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

Please enjoy tonight’s podcast of the Inner Athlete Radio program with your host James Jankiewicz.  Tonight we discuss DVT and exercise – NEW PROGRAM!

Exclusive to the World Wide Freedom Radio Network!  New programs every Wednesday night.

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  1. Great show James! Thanks for plugging the HOTT Conference too. I know that most folks don’t really understand how completely amazing the whole experience is and it’s nice to hear what a great time you had!!!!
    Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Many of us have lost friends due to illnesses that may have been avoidable and it’s encouraging to hear solutions for those friends that can still be saved!

    Wonderful program tonight,


  2. Hi James,
    Good show. And I am taking at least some of your advice after working with you at the HOTT Conference. Up to that time, I was eating a little too much, drinking a little too much wine, and was a little overweight. I have gotten that under control as of late. I’ve lost twelve pounds and have been walking and practicing punching and kicking faithfully, everyday. I feel like a new man already.

    It was great doing the self-defense class with you at the conference. I hope to see you there again next year.