New HOTT broadcast tonight!

Tune in to hear Rob and Doyel discuss the HOTT conference 2009 and the plans for the HOTT Conference 2010!


  1. Thank you. I remember Bill Cooper from 1992 when I was a guest speaker in 1992 in Sedona, Az., at the only uFO conference that was ever here. And I remember his book when it came out. I don’t remember seeing him though. At the time I was into the new age, thinking it was of God(miraculously I became born-again on 9-1-2009, Wow wow, wow!!!!!!!!!) Anyway, my experience was pretty phenomenal prior to this event. Latter I was told that all of the experiences I had were of demons after I was born-again. I just watched a DVD of Bill that a friend and teacher loaned and was struck with an awesomeness that he has been such an incredable for runner in these generations. I was born in 1943 also and was reminded of some of the history of this country and our Constitution has been demeaned. Bless you all for making this information still available and as you continue give us information in this present time to warn and prepare us for the future which is now. I keep standing on the Word of God and will continue to pray for you all. Many Blessing, Sharon

  2. Sharon, I would love to hear your story. The New Age religion is the religion that is heavily being pushed these days. Thank you freemasons for pushing this POS religion.