More Hip Hop References to Bill Cooper

Checkout these vids folks….

Professor Griff from Public Enemy speaks out and quotes Bill from “Behold a Pale Horse” (approx. 4 minutes into the first video)

The Hour of the Time DOES NOT endorse the opinions of these artists, but we think you should follow Bill’s advice and “Listen to everybody, believe nobody, until you can prove it in your OWN research”.



  1. Good stuff Rob. I blast my old school LL Cool J album, Mama Said Knock You Out, all day every day. “It’s not about being black or white, it’s about everybody being alright…”

  2. Lol. He says the Media which stands for Multi Ethnic Destruction. Or Maniac European Devils In Action. Lol. Never heard that one before. Its really true what hes saying though.

  3. I haven’t listened to these yet, but this past week when I was off I was listening to AM Talk Radio and happened by a “Black Radical” show on 1010. I was amazed that these dudes were into many of the subjects discussed by Cooper, but their downfall was that they were blaming the Jews for everything and failing to see the entire picture. I wanted so badly to call the show, but they never mentioned the number.

    All that kept going through my mind was the Cooper quote “It’s not the Jews man”.

  4. very good post.professor griff professes the truth.that stuff about n.w.a. being created to take public enimies momentum was dead on. i.t.

  5. interesting. elements of the occult have definitely blended with hip hop culture according to much of the metaphors, entendres, etc. in the lyrics. ive heard artists speak of sacred geometry, hermeticism, alchemy, freemasonry in a positive light many times. not sure how deep it goes, but it’s influence is apparent. X-Clan, for instance, has essentially created a sort of mystical image to accompany their music. Their debut album was called “To the East, Blackwards” which im sure rings some bells on this site.



    “Who’s Killing HipHop?”

  6. After what the powerful have done to the African American community it still brightens my day to see them (us) being able to discern at least some of the truth that many of us are blind to

  7. The interview had great content. Obviously riddled with slang from beginning to end and difficult to listen to sometimes. How many times can I stand to hear, “Y’know what I’m sayin’?” before I have to vomit? Y’know what I’m sayin’?

    Loved the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars discussion. Loved the discussion on how the music is being used to enslave and control people. So true. Take it from me, a classical music freak. And especially a Beethoven fanatic. I am a guitar player, too. I always find it incredibly amusing how my guitar player pals are so quick to deny that their guitar hero is a Luciferian. Why is that such a difficult thing to grasp and accept? I’d rather know the truth in any case. Paul, Mick, Keith, Jimmy — all whacked out on the occult. But try to tell that to a brainwashed 40 year old in mid-life crisis. A friend of mine was like that. He couldn’t deal with the fact that his favorite songs are really written about fields growing drugs and that his favorite singer worships demons he believes to exist outside of himself somewhere. He’s pissed at me and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

    We are the only demons we will ever have or need. We are the only Gods we will ever have or need. Lucifer does not need to make an effort to destroy the country, because we are doing a fine job of it all by ourselves.

    This is a great interview that all my black brothers and sisters need to listen to as well. They don’t want you armed, they don’t want you to learn anything about anything, they don’t want you to live. They want you around, just like always, to be used when needed. And right now they need you to wreak havoc and wreck everything and fill up a bunch of already overcrowded prisons — and you’re responding just like they would like for you to respond. And this is how they tear us all down and divide us. Well, one of the many, many ways they have, that is to say. I don’t know how accurate all the facts are, but this interview paints a powerful picture and has a powerful message. It is valuable just for that reason. The speakers respected each other and made a good attempt at kicking evil in the groin and rupturing it’s testicles.

    The message is clear: don’t be a gangsta.

    Another message comes clear: they, the New Babylonians, use music to mess with us. I’d like to find more articles about this for study. Fascinating subject. John Daniel did a nice job of it in his book, “Scarlet and the Beast”. It was not a scientific discussion, more at who’s who, but it was important to know just the same.

    Music messes with the mind. Fo sho’. Y’know what I’m sayin’?

    I wonder what would happen if they outlawed music and left the guns and the ammo alone.

  8. Ted, I don’t think you can believe that we’re God and believe in the existence of Lucifer. It was God made Lucifer and it was pride that brought his fall.

    I certainly feel that for a target audience, music can have a mind controlling effect in it. Music affects our mood, our ability to clearly think, it can influence someone’s beliefs or bring out positive or negative feelings in a person.
    The effect of music is clearly seen at concerts and down to individual listening. Rock music can increase heart rate, breathing, and potentially aggression. Classical music can brighten the mood and make us positive, and there’s music that can help to arouse a person sexually and the person behaves as if they’re under a spell.

    Only God knows why music affects us the way it does.

  9. I am glad that some folks in the African community are discussing these topics. Fortunately, we all have a long way to go in our education (me included). I am definitely not a know it all. There are a lot of decievers out there. I was fooled by these decievers time and time again. It is by taking William Cooper’s advice, that we can see everything in a new light. I was watching Michael Tsarion’s work on the internet, that advice really came handy. Tsarion’s defence of Helena Blavatsky, Plato, the new age, self empowerment, and 2012, made me realize his true agenda.

  10. tsarion is fun to listen to as star wars is fun to watch but he is mostly bullshit.his work on corporate symbolism is one of the more interesting parts of his work,but he misquotes the bible so much it is funny.

  11. I’m glad people anywhere are discussing these topics. We need to hear a lot more of it everywhere.

    The education never ends. I’m not a know it all either. In fact I know nothing. In fact a lot of the things you think you know aren’t even close to being true. You just don’t know it yet.

    Trust absolutley no one. Not even your own mother. And don’t believe diddly until you see it with your own eyes. And don’t freak out every time someone challenges your “beliefs”. Instead ask yourself where you got them in the first place. You never know, you just might be wrong. My advice is to refrain from “beliefs” altogether. Just stick to the facts alone. Nothing else.

    Thanks for the Tsarion tip. Never heard of him. I got on the site and had to read a couple of articles. Loved “The Constitution Con.”. He made some good points. Personally, I have never been all right with the fact that most of the Founders were occultists. And why on earth they would let a known enemy (Hamilton) participate in the creation and the signing of our Founding documents is beyond me. Lysander Spooner made some good points on this matter as well.

    As much as I love my favorite Founder, Patrick Henry, even he is suspect. No, let me rephrase that, Henry is especially suspect, even moreso than the one I hate the most (Hamilton).

    The best material I have seen anywhere comes from right here at Hour of the Time. You really don’t need to look anywhere else. But I know you will, so happy hunting, and see you back here when you prove me right. The HOTT Crew has it clocked. No doubt about it.

    Molon Labe. And see you very soon, at HOTT Conference 2009.

  12. I too do not like our founding fathers. They may have founded this country, but they did nothing to destroy our enemies. My favorite American leaders would have to be Andrew Jackson, James Garfield, William Mckinley, and John F. Kennedy. All these presidents actually did something to destroy our enemies and lost their lives doing it.

  13. These guys only cite Bill Cooper’s work when it serves their purposes.

    I have yet to hear any rappers or anyone else from the “hip-hop community” come down on the side of the founding principles. None of these guys seem to get that socialism is the new 21st century slavery, that the world is slated to be one big plantation and that the American ideal is the last, best hope for the freedom of mankind. That’s right – MANKIND. Not black men, white men, purple men or blue men.

    They, too, “do not like our founding fathers”; they don’t like America, and they don’t seem to understand the concepts of individual freedom and responsibility as set forth in the founding documents. Of course, all of this is part of the manipulation. Amid all this talk about the manipulation of society, and black folks in particular, this gets left out. Why? That is the most dangerous element of the whole scheme.

    Until black people, and every other color of people, recognize the true nature of their oppression, they will never throw it off.

  14. Hawkeye, I don’t believe that we’re God, nor do I believe in the existence of Lucifer. I was speaking metaphorically. People like to act like Gods and Lucifers and wreak havoc. That’s basically what I was trying to say.

  15. BlackSwamp, I agree with you on every point. I think it fair to say that the majority of blacks lean left, and the majority of them who lean left lean far left. This discussion was a good one nonetheless and struck home some good points.

    Musicians, I find, are more often than not leftists. Especially rich musicians. They like the idea of Socialism (though they never call it that), but they don’t like the idea of having to give up their piece of the pie to get it. Sad news, friends, eventually they (those in charge, government, etc., — and that aint you) get it all, and your career will be ruined, too, along with everyone else’s. They might not get to you right away, you may live high on the hog for a while, but they will get to you, too, eventually. Hope it was worth it. Hope you enjoyed participating in your own murder.

  16. For the record, I never said I didn’t like the Founders. I said I hated Alexander Hamilton. Which I certainly do. I also said I didn’t like the fact many, perhaps most of them, were occultists. That makes me sick to my stomach.

    I think the guiding principles by which they founded this country are sound and worthy. I believe in Freedom and nothing else between men. I believe that the Constitution has some bullet holes in it and they need to be patched up so that government officials are held accountable at all times and so that disasters like the one we are in now can’t happen. After all, if the Constitution is so perfect, why didn’t it keep us from getting into this mess in the first place? Where are the guarantees that every government official is to be held accountable and to his oath to defend the Constitution? Why did things get so far?

    I also said that all leaders are corrupt filth to the core and must be watched like hawks by everyone at all times, in so many words. And I did mean that. And it applies to our leaders of the past as well. They are all guilty until proven innocent. They will be judged and judged again and again. Period.

  17. My favorite president was Jackson. He had the sense to beat the bank and to leave everyone alone to go on about their business.

    He hated the Natives and the Blacks, yes, but they hated him, too; so I suppose that makes it even.

    He had the sense to beat the bank, yes, he did not have the sense however to replace the bank with a sound money system, and we got our asses handed to us again in 1913.

    Those damn Masons. Can’t they ever get it right?

  18. I got to thinking a little bit…

    You see all this bullshit in the news about racism against braak bama. The media would have you think braak’s black, and he’s being railroaded by the white, blue-eyed devils…

    Only a couple of problems with this theory…

    First of all, we all know it’s not true, that no one is being racist toward him. It’s just his arrogance (he obviously inherited that from his idiot father and it destroyed his father–and it will destroy braak as well) and his policies we can’t stand. Second, Braak isn’t black. He’s actually a white guy. His white mother and his white grandparents even called him, “Barry”, up until he grew up and decided to get in touch with his black side, his father’s side, and decided not to allow people to call him that anymore.

    And so, in conclusion, we have a white man in the White House after all, folks. And his name is, barry, barry bama.

    Or maybe it’s, berry, berry bama. What do you think?

  19. Relax, folks, we aren’t racist, and berry bama isn’t black.

    It’s just another one of those “false flag operations”, courtesy of the Black House and the fake media.

  20. Barack Obama is a multiracial individual, and there is no wrong of one being multiracial. However, the “race card” or “racism” is a classic Hegelian Dialectic strategy to pin brother-against-brother, “divide et impera.” All thanks to collectivism.

    Viva la libertà,

  21. Ted, why would you vote for Peter Schiff? He is not offering any solutions. Getting the Congress to coin our money is a solution. Why is Peter Schiff not advocating to restore congress’ constitutional power to coin our money? Maybe because he does not want to fix our financial mess. Furthermore, why would a candidate for senate appear on Russian television? Why would he try to convince us that he does not care about getting reelected and will not be like the other senators? Does he have something to hide? Is he related to the famous banker and Rothschild agent Jacob Schiff, the same Schiff family into which Al Gore married into? Do not cast your vote too quick for this guy 🙂

  22. I quickly cast my vote for everything this guy said, and I hope he does run for the Senate and educate all the scum there.

    Why wouldn’t you vote for Peter Schiff? What do you know about him? Why are you asking me all the questions you should be on the horn or on the Internet asking Peter Schiff instead? Why aren’t you digging up this information?

    You really ought to try it before you knock him. These people aren’t as untouchable and unreachable as you and everyone else thinks they are. I have talked to many, many of them. Your answers might be just a phone call away, Sky. You’re asking the wrong guy.

    No offense, I see where you are going with this. But the facts on both sides of the argument need to be addressed before you draw your conclusions.

    I haven’t drawn any conclusions yet, save for the fact that I stand for everything this guy just said and that I do in fact hope that he runs for the Senate. He can’t be any worse than the ones who are already in there, and if he is — oh, well; it only means we have another enemy and that we know exactly where the son-of-a-bitch hangs his hat, i.e., we will know where to find him when we really need to, if you get my meaning…

    Give it a shot before you toss in the towel, Sky.

    Furthermore, there is a very important and powerful message in his speech. I hope you picked up on that as you listened.

  23. The rivers are full of crocodile nasties
    And he who made kittens put snakes in the grass.
    Hes a lover of life but a player of pawns —
    Yes, the king on his sunset lies waiting for dawn
    To light up his jungle
    As play is resumed.
    The monkeys seem willing to strike up the tune.

    Let’s bungle in the jungle — well, that’s all right by me
    I’m a tiger when I want love
    I’m a snake if we disagree

    Don’t be scared. The world is our playground, kids.

    Our enemies are no better off than we are.

  24. I just read a wikipedia article on Peter Schiff. The guy has more skeletons in his closet than I thought he did. First off, he is a son of a tax protestor, Irwin Schiff. A tax protester?! The same people, or should I say criminals, who sign legal contracts (w-4 forms) and then do not pay the promised money to the IRS because they FEEL they do not have to. I understand the Bill Cooper was a tax protester, but not paying owed taxes is a not only dishonest, but flat out socialist.

    Furthermore, Peter Schiff is a member of the Anarcho-capitalist Ludwig Von Mises institute, which promotes anarchism and Austrian economics, which is a quack form of economics, which rejects analytical economic models and statistics as useless. Austrian economics sounds a lot like new age economics, because it focuses so much on the individual (humanism) and never really explains what role the government should play in the economy. Instead they proclaim how great capitalism and free markets are. But are they? Has not this financial crisis proven the opposite?

    Finally, Peter Schiff supports Ron Paul. The same Ron Paul who still believes Osama blew the twin towers and refuses to blame our government. The same Ron Paul who tried to audit the federal reserve system and give the Fed credability as a result. The same Ron Paul who wrote a book on gold with a member of the PNAC (project for new american century).

    About talking to these people, it is useless. They will tell bladder and more bladder like no tomorrow. The only way to talk to these people is to give them half a million dollar bribe or a more firm approch like Rambo or Terminator.


  25. That was an interesting interview regarding Hip music. On the subject, one of the most popular among them, is Jay-Z. Who has been linked to Freemasonry, there’s even a video series regarding it.

    And on the subject of whoelse in a Freemason. Rocker, Dave Navarro was asked on camera, if he was a freemason. Navarro replied back, “I’m a 33rd degree”. I’m still trying to find that video again.

  26. Hour Of The Time is so full of sheeple. No different than Infowars.com or Prisonplanet.com


    Djhives blog is so much better. At least he says all the right stuff.

    New World Order is inevitable, and we all deserve it. For different reasons of course.

  27. Greetings, from HOTT Conference 2009!

    It’s 9-21-2009, 10:10 am, and we are now getting our presentation from Michael Cremo.

    We’re having a helluva time, my dears, wish you were here!

  28. I came to listen tp Bill Cooper archives… WHY must i listen to jive ass nigger talk?? sound racist? TOO bad, this is shit talkin, jive ass, mumbo jombo, that totally diverts away from anything i would expect from anything related to bill cooper!!! i dont know who is resposible for the content of this page.. DOYLE? but you have gone atray… JIVE ASS NIGGER TALK. and i am not a RACIST.. but i will use the word NIGGER when appropriate, as is here.. doyle u suck

  29. Then away you go Skywrath. Be nice to never see you here again!
    While the people at HOTT continue to prepare themselves and those they care about for any future catastrophe, you can continue to do what you’re good at (bitching and whining), and stand in the bread lines! You could share, participate in a positive manner, and better yourself, but your energy seems quite focused on negatives and rather marginal “copy and paste” research from Wikipedia.
    I’ll not laugh at you, because it hurts me to see others in unfortunate situations, but I’ll not share with people of your ilk if and when the time comes to use the skills and knowledge the fine folks at HOTT have shared with me.
    There are doers and there are whiners. Why don’t you help? Why must you hinder?

  30. “Austrian economics sounds a lot like new age economics, because it focuses so much on the individual (humanism) and never really explains what role the government should play in the economy”……..hahaha, classic.