Hour of the Time Podcast for 05/13/10 – Obama’s Hypnosis Techniques Part 1

Is America’s President using mind control techniques to gain support?

Listen in and decide for yourself. ¬†Doyel Shamley discusses “Obama’s Hypnosis Techniques” part one.

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  1. I’m reading the pdf right now, it’s really amazing and mind-blowing! I didn’t know much about hypnosis before, but I had a strange feeling about Obama being a bit too charismatic and having a strange, creepy, almost unexplainable influence on people. I have no proof, but I bet Alex Jones is using some techniques/manipulation on his listeners as well. Well, actually one of his videos had a hypnotic twisting spiral obviously meant to hypnotize (that was a depiction of the TV/MSM hypnotizing you…hmm). Now I’ll know what to watch for! Really great information to have in general and really fascinating. Thanks for providing that and the broadcast.