Hour of the Time Podcast for 01/08/10

You’ve asked for it – now here it is! Another classic William Cooper broadcast entitled “LA Hyatt Speech”.  This speech was originally aired on the Hour of the Time as program #121.  Please enjoy it, and remember we are listener supported.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy either of our two new DVD releases, The Fourth World, or John Daniel’s 4 DVD set. Visit the HOTT Shop for more details.  By donating for these DVDs you help to support this cause, plus you get great research material!


  1. That was a great speech. As much of his other talks, people still need to hear this one and it would make a great impact and change in this world. As always, sheeple continue to follow the lies and propaganda and use violence against the wrong people.

  2. I’d say Bill had an amazing way with words, but that would be a huge understatement. He was a really great guy, and I know this despite that I never knew the man personally. Those who where fortunate enough to meet him where truly blessed. It is seriously painful to know what happened to him, he did not deserve that.

  3. Great speech.
    “If there were enough of us just standing there, nothing would have happened.” – how true.