HOTT Podcast for September 27th, 2012

Today’s selection is number 394 from our Official Archives and was originally aired on July 11th, 1994. ¬†Another Classic Cooper episode, this time with guest Linda Thompson.


  1. What a Wonderful Show! As a Ham Radio Operator who has actually Talked to Art Bell on 3850 where he Regularly held Court after hours, I can tell you: Art is Nothing like his Persona he presents on his show. He is a Prick who despises his Audience, thinks of them as “Cattle.” He is the worst type of Jew, as a Jew myself, I despise those who bring hate upon us who Support the Rights that made America a Safe Haven from Pogoms!
    Yet it was not until the 1950’s that Jews were considered to have civil Rights, we used to be considered in a class below Negros. People may not remember, but we do.