HOTT Podcast for October 2nd, 2012

This podcast is #398 from our Official Archives originally aired July 18th, 1994, entitled “Malathion #1”


  1. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like a picky jerk or anything, but the date written here says 2012 and not 1994.

    • Hey Garreth,

      Thanks! Accuracy is important! We appreciate the notice. It’s all fixed now.


      • I thought at first it was a broadcast that I missed from Doyel, which would have been awesome as well. ha

    • We just got finished with our annual HOTT conference, so the big event for our 2012 calendar year is done and was a great success. I had preposted the podcasts for last week and this week, and I was likely quite tired getting everything prepared, so I messed up on the date! Doyel’s best presentation of the week was his update on state’s rights and truly proves the tactics he teaches are super effective. Hip hip hooray for local control and assertion of jurisdiction. Yeah yeah yeah! Quite inspiring.
      We’ve got several property and state’s rights seminars scheduled over the next month up and down the west coast and into Nevada and Utah. We’re hoping to get a few new broadcasts in, but time is very tight at the moment. Keep your fingers crossed, say a few ‘Hail Mary’s ‘ and wait for your lucky Masonic stars to align. Hahahahahahahaha.

      • New broadcasts would be great. What would also be great would to somehow come across enough funds to get you guys to come to my neck of the woods for a conference. I can tell ya, we need it bad. I’ve been meaning to try and get my own “HOTT” going, but I’ll have to wait and see…. been in a big transition period of my life right now.