HOTT Newslinks September 22, 2008

McCain and the POW Cover-up
The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam


An important read!


“In fact, the government chose instead to align itself with the banks that were victimizing consumers.”



I ran into these people last week. Now you know what I am up against when I try and debate.


PS – I would like for someone to show me a “clear-cut and burn”.


Remember the Savings and Loan theft? 180 BILLION dollars…disappeared…it’s the goose that lays the golden egg…money is NEVER lost…it only changes hands…



“Every American should know that the federal government continues to enforce laws and regulations protecting your money,” he said.
…Hegelian dialectic at it’s best…they “continue” to protect…
“The president also appeared to go out of his way to reassure Americans that money in traditional checking accounts, savings accounts and certificates of deposit is safe.”
THAT should be a clue as to how “safe” things are.



“The plan also calls for raising the federal government’s borrowing authority to $11.315 trillion. The debt limit is currently $10.615 trillion.”
…laughable…there IS NO LIMIT!!!!



Everyone should be furious….



here is a short history concentrating on only one aspect….one family…of the power broker pyramid…



Microsoft to buy back $40 billion of stock



SmarTrip Upgrades Pushed To 2010
Metro Audit Finds Agency Failings