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Should a robber break into my house, and with a dagger at my throat make me seal deeds to convey my estate to him, would this give him any title? Just such a title, by his sword, has an unjust conqueror, who forces me into submission. The injury and the crime is equal, whether committed by the wearer of a crown, or some petty villain. The title of the offender, and the number of his followers, make no difference in the offence, unless it be to aggravate it. The only difference is, great robbers punish little ones, to keep them in their obedience; but the great ones are rewarded with laurels and triumphs, because they are too big for the weak hands of justice in this world, and have the power in their own possession, which should punish offenders.

— John Locke, The Second Treatise of Civil Government [1690]




Immigration Bill Dies in Senate



Bush Claims Executive Privilege on Subpoenas



Bush May Be Out of Chances For a Lasting Domestic Victory


Ahh, too bad


Government figures ‘missing’ two million violent crimes


This is because they claim their total gun ban reduces crime and it doesn’t.


Bills Would Raise Prosecutors’ Pensions


Yes, you can get a raise for taking away peoples rights.


House accepts $4,400 pay raise



House Rejects Bid to Withhold Cheney’s Funds



Putin’s Arctic invasion: Russia lays claim to the North Pole – and all its gas, oil, and diamonds


I thought the communists were everyone’s friend now


Jail, Prison Population Jumps in 2006


When every facet of our existence is made a crime, what do you expect?


Fla. Sheriff Targets Illegals


It’s a lot cheaper then the multi-million dollar cameras that don’t work


Former Interior Department Official Will Go to Jail for Obstructing Abramoff Investigation


Only a few thousand more to go.


White House refuses to answer subpoenas


Of course, despotic kings are never subject to the rule of law.


Agency’s Strangeloves altered mind of a girl aged 4




The OEM Issued a 
WTC Collapse Warning



Gutting the 5th amendment


The officer who pulled over the vehicle saw the camera and demanded Kelly hand it over. Kelly obliged. Soon after, six more police officers pulled up. They arrested Kelly on charges of violating an outdated Pennsylvania wiretapping law that forbids audio recordings of any second party without their permission. In this case, that party was the police officer.
Kelly was charged with a felony, spent 26 hours in jail, and faces up to 10 years in prison. All for merely recording a police officer, a public servant, while he was on the job.



The country already detains some 230,000 immigrants a year, at an annual cost of $1.2 billion. Under the current immigration bill, it would build tens of thousands more beds to hold detainees. And it would need many more — Guantánamo Bays across America — if Mr. Graham’s zero-tolerance vision is fully realized.



Since its spinoff from Sara Lee Corp. last year, Hanesbrands has announced the closing of nearly a dozen manufacturing facilities in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States.



Having already initiated a disastrous war against Iraq citing UN resolutions as justification, this resolution is like déja-vu. Have we forgotten 2003 already? Do we really want to go to war again for UN resolutions? That is where this resolution, and the many others we have passed over the last several years on Iran, is leading us. I hope my colleagues understand that a vote for this bill is a vote to move us closer to war with Iran.



Sanctions and diplomacy have failed and it may be too late for internal opposition to oust the Islamist regime, leaving only military intervention to stop Iran’s drive to nuclear weapons, the US’s former ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.


NASA exposes their Apollo hoax



A perfect example how “hate crime” laws do not give every identifiable group equal protection


Groups such as the Anti-Defamation League have insisted that hate-crime laws are necessary because crimes that make minority communities fearful “damage the fabric of our society and fragment communities.”
The Duke and Knoxville cases cast serious doubts on that premise. It is human nature to resent groups and individuals deemed more special than others.
Signaling through laws (or media treatment) that one group’s suffering is more grievous than another’s — or that one person’s murder is worse than another’s — is also likely to fragment communities, as well as to engender the very animosities such laws are meant to deter.



Avraham Infeld, a veteran Jewish educator who heads a major American Jewish philanthropic foundation, has “heard the rumor” of the alleged Finance Ministry policy.
If true, he said, “the government is making a terrible mistake and driving away donors. I don’t believe it’s the role of philanthropists to fund any area that’s under governmental responsibility. The involvement of Jews from the Diaspora must go to things that are beyond what [the Israeli government is] mandated [to provide] by law. We’re very careful to invest in places where the government is fulfilling its responsibility.”



The Senate subpoenaed the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney’s office Wednesday, demanding documents and elevating the confrontation with President Bush over the administration’s warrant-free eavesdropping on Americans.



The US Food and Drug Administration says there is no need for an urgent review of the safety of aspartame, despite a new study showing the sweetener may cause cancer.
A US consumer group has called for the review after Italian researchers published a new study that showed aspartame – widely used in soft drinks – might cause leukaemia, lymphoma and breast cancer in rats.


*$%&* Nazi’s – Hitler would be proud.




Kieran King’s views on marijuana have led to his suspension from Wawota Parkland School.
King said he was threatened with police action by Principal Susan Wilson previously after making the case that marijuana was less harmful than alcohol.

After ridding themselves of European imperialism in the 20th century many African countries are very hostile about an American presence



The Pentagon’s plans to create a new US military command based in Africa have hit a wall of hostility from governments in the region reluctant to associate themselves publicly with the US “global war on terror”.



The video for the first time shows at least part of the incident that has torn the community of Franconia apart, with Kenney supporters describing McKay as a bully cop who was rough with young people and others praising McKay as a fallen hero. The killings — McKay by Kenney, and Kenney by Gregory W. Floyd — have been described by some in town as vigilante justice.



Tony Blair will tomorrow quit as an MP as well as stepping down as prime minister.
He is set to retire from British politics altogether and will fly to his Sedgefield constituency in the afternoon to announce his resignation from parliament with immediate effect.



Israel moved a step closer towards joining global NATO missions after the IDF agreed to upgrade relations and joint military training and exercises to enhance interoperability with the western military alliance, Assistant NATO Sec.-Gen. John Colston told The Jerusalem Post .



The World Drug Report says more than 90% of illegal opium, which is used to make heroin, comes from Afghanistan.
It says cultivation of opium poppies increased dramatically in the country, despite the presence of more than 30,000 international troops there.



You might recall how President George W. Bush was wont to wax eloquent on the virtues of democracy and how often he spoke of spreading democracy to the Middle East.
You might not recall that there was a free and fair election in the occupied territories last year. Palestinian voters overwhelmingly chose a Hamas government over a slate of candidates offered by Fatah, a secular Palestinian organization.



U.S.-led coalition and NATO forces fighting insurgents in Afghanistan have killed at least 203 civilians so far this year — surpassing the 178 civilians killed in militant attacks, according to an Associated Press tally.
Insurgency attacks and military operations have surged in recent weeks, and in the past 10 days, more than 90 civilians have been killed by airstrikes and artillery fire targeting Taliban insurgents, said President Hamid Karzai.


Are these preparations for an invasion of Iran?


BALADIA CITY, Israel — In a new, elaborate training center in the Negev desert, Israeli troops — and someday, U.S. Marines and soldiers — are preparing for the wide range of urban scenarios they may confront.
Here, at Israel’s new National Urban Training Center, the Israeli Defense Force’s Ground Forces Command is preparing forces to fight in four theaters: Gaza, Lebanon, the West Bank and Syria.





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