HOTT Newslinks July 3, 2007

“OSHA To Regulate Ammo and Components”


It appears that they will try anything but again no jurisdiction, no case. To hell with OSHA, just come to the conference and learn a few things.


Governor OKs toughest migrant-hire law in U.S.


“It’s monumental. It’s a change from anything we’ve done in the past,” said Speaker of the House Jim Weiers, R-Phoenix. “It’s time for the states to start stepping up and stop waiting for Congress.”



Attack of the mutant rice


How could this have happened with all of the illegal treaties that the Fed has entered into?


Preparing a “Reichstag scenario” for July 4th?


A device similar to a pipe bomb exploded in a trash can early Monday at a remote parking lot at Walt Disney World, authorities said. No one was injured and no serious damage was reported in what officials called “an isolated incident.”


Your tax dollars at work


A mechanical monster grabs the F-14 fighter jet and chews through one wing and then another, ripping off the Tomcat’s appendages before moving onto its guts. Finally, all that is left is a pile of shredded rubble.



US officials received a report two weeks ago warning of possible terror attacks against Glasgow and the Czech capital Prague this summer but the information was not passed on to British officials, according to ABC News.
A senior official with access to the law enforcement report, prepared for the Department of Homeland and Security, warned that al-Qa’eda was planning a terror “spectacular” targeting “airports infrastructure and aircraft”, the US news channel said.



Security experts have called for Israeli-style vehicle checkpoints at British airports in response to Saturday’s attempted suicide bombing at Glasgow airport that brought chaos to terminals yesterday.



The assessment of Saturday’s pre-dawn air strike in the Gereshk district came from the mayor and police chief, who said that 62 Taliban militants had died during the attacks as well as 45 ordinary Afghans including women, children and the elderly. President Hamid Karzai said this weekend that it was “difficult for us to accept or understand” what had happened .


Solution: Boycott and stop attending the games


The court also said Johnston doesn’t have a constitutional right to watch a football game, that he was aware of the search policy before entering the stadium and that the Bucs can revoke game tickets for any reason.


This is one reason what July 4th is all about


After a quiet dinner with his grandfather Wednesday, Donicio Arrindell and his best friend headed out for the night.
Three hours later, he was dead and his friend Fredrick Gadson was critically wounded.
The duo — lifelong friends and roommates — are accused of storming into a Plantation Subway shop, armed and announcing a robbery.
They didn’t plan to encounter retired Marine John Lovell, 71, who had just finished a veggie sandwich and had a gun tucked in his waistband.



In fresh tests of the Mannlicher-Carcano bolt-action weapon, supervised by the Italian army, it was found to be impossible for even an accomplished marksman to fire the shots quickly enough.



I suspect that a key to our anti-Iranian sentiments can be summarized in one word, Israel. A June 25 article in the World Tribune notes that Israel is bracing for war with Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas, all of which Iran has direct influence over. The story we are being fed by the Cheney wing of this administration and regurgitated by the media is nice and neat with the good guys wearing the white hats, etc. But, reality is more complex.
Before we get ourselves into another quagmire that sacrifices our troops and our treasure in a war that makes us less safe, we should think seriously about whether it is for the protection of American interests or the interests of Israel.


Factional strife lingers on in “democratic” Iraq


Sunni legislator Abdul-Nasser al-Janabi said Saturday he is quitting parliament and joining the “resistance” because the political process has failed.
Al-Janabi, a member of the Iraqi Accordance Front, said “there is no alternative in Iraq other than quitting the political process and returning to armed resistance” because the Americans and Iranians are running Iraq.



Here is a list of pardons granted by then president William Jefferson Clinton



The dollar fell to a 26-year low against the British pound Monday ahead of an expected rate hike by the Bank of England later this week.
The pound rose to $2.0173 — its highest level versus the dollar since June 1981 — in New York trading before retreating to $2.0165. The dollar also dropped to within a cent of its all-time low versus the euro, as rising global interest rates made the currency less attractive to investors.



Precious and industrial metals prices climbed Monday as the euro made a sharp move higher against the US dollar


And so the witch hunt begins…


Five of the eight people under arrest last night are said to be doctors. Another of those detained is the wife of one of the doctors, who is a medical assistant working for the NHS. The home of a sixth doctor is said to have been searched by police. Late last night an Australian television network reported that a suspect wanted in connection with the attacks had been arrested in Brisbane.


Myths of the 4th of July



Organism ID’d That May Be Killing Sheep



Study Finds FOIA Plagued by Delays



Cutting Red Tape for Wounded Troops



Audit: ATF Ignored Some Gun Buyer Checks



“HAARP is a scientific project to study the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with emphasis on using the ionosphere to improve communications and surveillance systems for civilian and defense purposes,” said Rob Jacobsen, HAARP program director for BAE Systems in Washington, D.C.