HOTT Newslinks July 23, 2007

“Fable of the Deviants”


I know most people will never even pay attention to the symbology here, but they need to. Hour Of The Time invented the term “Sheeple” and here it is in all it’s glory. You need to watch this commercial and let the message burn in. – Doyel


“Symbol in NYC building a history mystery”



Nelson Mandela launches Elders to save world


Remember the council of twelve we spoke of years ago? Just take a look at this list as it’s a who’s who of world socialists.


Executive Order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq


Be sure to pay attention to load of BS.




Going on a “tip”…



allies???…..foreign soldiers had better think again…



Flight 93 memorial decried as Islam symbol



Israeli textbook to add mention of Arab ‘catastrophe’



China warns U.S. against “smear attacks” on imports


This is where the real terrorists and enemies are gathering for the big one.


Chips: High Tech Aids or Tracking Tools?




“Patriotism is more closely linked to dissent than it is to conformity and a blind desire for safety and security. Understanding the magnificent rewards of a free society makes us unbashful in its promotion, fully realizing that maximum wealth is created and the greatest chance for peace comes from a society respectful of individual liberty”.



Britain has virtually no soldiers left to fight abroad or defend the country if there is an ‘unexpected’ development, the head of the Army has told his senior officers.
General Sir Richard Dannatt made his dire assessment in a letter to high-ranking commanders, saying that reinforcements – should they be required – are ‘now almost non-existent’.


No surprise in socialist Canada


Threatening someone with a gun may be enough to warrant being charged with a firearms offence, even if one isn’t being carried, Canada’s top court ruled Friday.
In a unanimous ruling, the nine-member Supreme Court of Canada upheld a court decision in B.C. that convicted a man of gun possession, even though he argued he never had the weapon on him during a break-in four years ago.


FEMA Concentration Camps:
Locations and Executive Orders



Fascist America, in 10 Easy Steps



Mysterious Clouds Creeping Out of the Arctic



The FBI Can Eavesdrop on You Even When Your Cell Phone is Turned Off


Just another reason not to own one.