HOTT Newslinks August 01, 2008

This is ALMOST too much to believe, watch the video and read the comments, read the double speak by the police chief.

SWAT Team Honored For Raid On Wrong House



  1. my name is john johnson i have a friend who was unjustly sent to a children’s home in fergus falls. he was there for too long. they were abuseing him.and they violated him.all the wre doing was messing around with his head.they lied to his mother.they said that one reson he was sent there was becouse he would’nt behave and he dose not learn.well how can he if they keep abuseing him? he is very smart and a good kid.they cripuled his mind.they made him afrade of life. all it did was it made him sick! that place was called lake park wild rice.they are the bad guys.please help me to help my friend.i want to put this on the news.he need help and justice.also they threaten him.thets one reson why he was not doing well.even woodlake shcool was abuseing him.he’s afrade to learn because they were always theating to beat him. he’s writeing in his book.and i’ve sent it to the web site kidsagainstabusewhereourvoices are heard. ihope they spred the word soon.oh please anyone who cares help him.i ask for alliance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!